Synchronicity Is...the Universe Sending Us Messages...

I've heard it said that synchronicity is 'the universe' sending us messages...

 Today I was driving and thinking about EP and the people I've 'met' here and experiences I've shared, when the car in front of me caught my attention...DEE-627!  (Here I'm 'Dee67'!)  The car was a black Honda Civic sedan, and my first car was a white Honda Civic sedan.  I wondered what the extra '2' could mean?  Later, I was parked and a car parked in front of me, licence number...DEE-049!!  This car was a grey Honda Civic coupe!!  Now the '49'...  And what about the colors of the, grey, (and mine was white)...

Any thoughts??

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G6f73DKj1. Think about it....

Even better is "The Book of Secrets" by Deepak Chopra :)

you know, you should read the book called "the secret"

Thank you so much RitaCamilla.. your words do make sense to me. I've been a bit frazzled today, and your comment has actually made me feel a bit calmer.. thank you :) I really like what you say:<br />
<br />
"As long as the whole "scheme" of things is positive, then you are going in the right direction. But if the whole "scheme" of things is negative, you must remember that it is just a mirror of things you are running away from in yourself, and that you can transform those dark things into light for yourself." <br />
<br />
I think this is so true.. I will think about this and try to apply it to what is happening for me right now. I really think you have something there :)

I think that if the two cars were black and white then you need to see grey as "the way forward." Black represents darkness and white represents purity -- none of us are those extremes in reality -- sometimes it seems like we are, but we contain both, which, when blended, becomes the color gray. So I vote for you to see that you are neither bad nor good, but a combination of both. However, if you go towards the white, knowing you will never be truly white, you will aspire towards being as good a person as you can be. Does this make sense? Synchronicity is playing a large part in my life right now, and "we are all one" is the other thing I saw you said, and I agree. As long as the whole "scheme" of things is positive, then you are going in the right direction. But if the whole "scheme" of things is negative, you must remember that it is just a mirror of things you are running away from in yourself, and that you can transform those dark things into light for yourself. Perhaps you knew this already, though? Either way, I definitely feel something positive in you. :)

That's great, ecc... we should feel gratitude for events such as these - thanks for the reminder... I think that when we are in synch with the universal rhythm is when these events occur for us... and gratitude goes hand in hand with this... perhaps this is the real synchronicity... our rhythms with the universal rhythms...

I'm seeing "DEE" license plates all over. And now also "MEE" and "GEE". Alot of them with 6s and 7s. I'm seeing them as encouragement to stay here at EP, lol. Thanks for your comment, identity!

Girl if thats not signs then I dont know what to call it . Maybe you should play the numbers, 049, 249, what ever the numbers. Have you ever looked into buying the books about dreams and numbers,that might help.

Yep, MP, I think that pretty much sums it up!


Whoa! Thats pretty interesting.

Check out my new story, if you're interested in my last comment...

I'm trying to find a story I read about Carl Jung (the famous psychologist who coined the term, 'synchronicity'). It goes something like this (as far as my memory holds):<br />
<br />
He had a patient who he had been treating for some time, and part of the analysis with this patient (a woman, I think) was dream analysis (one of the areas Jung is famous for). This woman had a dream that involved some kind of exotic, rare beetle. Sometime later, after discussing the dream with the woman and what it could mean, Jung was in his office with the window open. Suddenly an insect flew in the window and landed on the lapel of this jacket. It turned out to be one of these rare beetles that the woman had described in her dream! <br />
<br />
I think this may have been one of the first major synchronistic events for Jung. I recall that he had interpreted this as his mind or thoughts producing the beetle in the physical world (this beetle was found naturally somewhere in another part of the world, as I recall). Not that it was produced consciously by will, but that it was somehow a message to himself. <br />
<br />
When I have some time I will try and find that story. I thought of it again with this discussion. I can see there is a relationship between synchronistic events and the eastern philosophical view of reality.

Not sure if synchronicity can be replicated by will, or induced, lol. It kinda just happens... :^)

You're not going to believe this...I saw another vehicle today, this one with license DEE-676! I was too stunned to notice the make of the car, though. It was parked along a route I take regularly, so I will have to see if I can spot it again...

I was thinking, MP, this is more than just a 'twist', but getting to the heart of what synchronicity is, don't you think?

LOL, all of a sudden it 'clicked' with followinitdown's post. A real light bulb moment! Love these...

Wow. Yeah! Interesting twist on synchronicity, I hadnt thought about it that way, but it makes sense.. We make it happen, all together... ((insert twilight zone background music)))

Well said, followinitdown. I have been looking at it as a bit of a one way street, something that is coming to me, but actually it has as much to do with what is coming *from* me, my thoughts affecting what is happening in the physical, and the physical affecting what is happening in my thoughts. This is due to the interconnectedness of all things. It is a swinging door, as someone recently described it to me. This is another piece of the puzzle falling into place for me on my spiritual journey. Thanks for your insight.


Everything and everyone is connected. :^)

Neat! It's funny how things all seem connected.

it is wierd when that happens eh? Stuff like that happens to me all the time too. Here's one for you! My friends name is Diana but we call her Dee, she is my cousin Lee's ex, my cousin Lee was the one who lived in Calgary!

Great thoughts, everyone! I agree, misasja, that we should not get too hung up on any one experience - but, as wiseoldowl said, keep these in mind and look for some sort of pattern. I've had a few synchronistic happenings lately (I mentioned some in an earlier story) and perhaps they are pointing to something. I haven't put it together, yet. It's kinda fun, like putting together a puzzle, only often, the pieces don't seem to fit together that well. If you keep it light and silly, as iwantmore says, that is the best way to approach it, I think too.

I think like attracts like is a form of synchronicity. For example, I've met a few people on EP with whom I ony share some silly meaningless experiences with. We'd PM'd, again, keeping everything light and silly. Then, bam! Something happens and one or the other vents and things fall into place. Similar backgrounds, jobs, experiences whatever. That is most definitely a synchronistic experience in my book. There was a reason we were thrown together. It can be as simple as reminding you that you are not alone, that your problems are not unique only to you.

A synchronicity doesn't necessarily *mean* anything. Sometimes like just attracts like, you know?

I believe in synchronicity, but I also know that we can go way too deep. Not that things have no meaning, but it's just there are so many & also much chance to misinterpret. So unless signs are very obvious, I wouldn't go into any more detail than that...

Dee67, I am wondering if you have recently, or about to embark on something new, calling on something in the past. My experiences seem to be two things occurring followed by a third, connected with the first two.

Yes, tg, I agree, the messages are specific to the individual. I realize I didn't say that very well...what I meant was the images that we see in a dream often have a universal meaning. Since I'm not very versed at dream interpretation I can't think of a specific example, but I have read that if you dream about a certain ob<x>ject, this often means something specific in a universal sense. For example (I'm making this one up) if you dream about black cats, it means you have a fear that you don't realize is there. The remaining content of the dream with help you put this into place for you, specifically. <br />
<br />
With synchronicity, I wonder if the specific elements of event you experience have universal meaning or if the meaning is specific to the individual - eg. the numbers '2' and '49' above, is there a universal meaning for these numbers, or is the meaning, in this situation, unique for me? (I hope I have explained it better.) I'm thinking followin' has the answer...the meaning is unique for me.

I think you are right. 'Though dreams often have universal themes or meanings (but not always)...I was wondering if synchronistic events are like dreams in that way, or if they are specific to the individual experiencing them.