Flying Saucers & Psychoid Events

A couple of days ago I ordered Carl Jung's Flying Saucers book online. So What? You say. Well, yes, but after I had ordered it, I quite at random picked a book off of my shelf. It is a book I have had for a while called The Adventure of Self Discovery by Stanislav Grof, but I had not got round to reading it. So I sat back in my chair and had a little flick through the book to sort of suss it out a little. As I was flicking through the pages my eyes got drawn to page 157. On this page Grof was going on about UFO's, and how these phenomena may be some sort of "psychoid" event, and he then mentions Carl Jung's book Flying Saucers as an excellent source for more information. I have been interested in Synchronicity for a while, mainly through reading Burroughs, and have had a few experiences of it in the past, but this sort of reignited my interest in it.

I suppose I will definitly need to buy Jung's book on Synchronicity now.

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Synchronicity has intrigued me for decades, but I think that it has more to do with your focus at a point in time. If you imagine life as a carnival, with millions of things going on all at once, and your attention is always focused to a very limited area. Then you notice the merry-go-round, and think that that might be fun, and then it slows to a stop, and—it seems— just for you. Actually, it has stopped a million times; you just never noticed before you need or desire arose.

Yeah, I agree with that.