The Synchronistic Apartment Building

The apartment building me and my boyfriend live in has 6 units. Out of the 11 adults and children living here including myself there are 2 Bradys, 4 Ryans and 2 pregnant women who are both in their second trimester.

*There is a Ryan directly next door in a neighbor's house who looks to be the same age as the little boy(Ryan) in this building- so technically that makes 4 Ryans).
*Another weird thing which has sent me over the edge of the creepy factor is the girl who lives with her husband in one of the units has gotten pregnant basically in the same time frame I have. I am afraid to ask her how far along she is since I fear we might be sharing our child's birthday (and I just dont like her so I avoid conversation)
*My boyfriend (Brady) shares the name with a crazy dog who bit him in the past.
*It would appear as if the people who were here first have worse versions of themselves(same name or similar pregnancy due date) that moved in later.

I've never come across so many similarities regarding names and life events... it's uncanny and is not doubt a synchronicty in my mind. I just dont know what it all means. OUR LEASE IS UP VERY SOON and I am not sure if all these signs are negative ones but I'd like to know what people think. Any opinions would be great!

isabellasmith isabellasmith
May 4, 2012