Train of Thought: Sychronicity, Astrology, and Existence.

Synchronicity is the concept that there are meaningful connections between events that occur simultaneously and that the chance of those events happening simultaneously is very slim!

I'm quite new to the concept of synchronicity and am quite excited about it. When one think (well at least me) synchronicity, the word synchronous comes to mind. And things, such as motion, being synchronous implies a pattern. Thus, the way I reasoned with it, synchronicity basically refers to some mysterious (maybe scientifically unexplainable) pattern in which all events are somehow linked! Realizing this, all sorts of ideas and questions came to mind that made me curious yet excited. I believe science has actually experienced synchronicity when they proved that the Quantum Entanglement phenomenon actually exists by quantum entangling two photons and "teleporting" information between the two (Einstein referred to quantum entanglement as "Spooky Action at a distant")!

Now one of the oldest and yet most criticized personality field is Astrology. Astrology is in fact based on the concept of Synchronicity. This "Acausal relationship" (Carl Jung's phrase for synchronicity) is our link to the positions of the planets. The event that you were born and the event that, for example, mars completed 1/8 of it's orbit are said to be in synch. But in synch with what!? I believe they're in synch with this mysterious pattern that Synchronicity refers to and this is what gives the meaningful connection between the event of our birth and the positions of the planets during that time. Astrology realizes, and maybe you should to, that your birth is a very rare phenomenon. The act of giving birth in general is not, but your birth is!  Think about all the events that had to happened that lead to your existence. Sure your mom and dad had to be together and go through intercourse, but nowhere near does it stop there. You have to consider all the events that lead them to being together, the events that lead them to having sex, the time your conception occured, all the events that lead your grandparents being together, the event that your grandparents concieved your parents, and so on. There is a seemingly infinite number of events that occurred in a specific yet extremely complex order that led to the occurrence of your existence, the event of your birth. If even ONE event did not happen or was out of synch with all the other events that brought you to existence, you would NOT exist! Thus, the event of your birth, the start of your existence in this world, is very very rare!  This event coupled simultaneously with the astrological state of the solar system at that time (in terms of the positions of the planets, sun, etc. in relation to the zodiacs) provides a very rare coincidence. Why? Because the event of your birth is very rare in itself. With the rarity of this coincidence and the fact that these events happened simulataneously, sychronicity says there's a meaningful connection between these events. Astrology explains this meaningful connection between the event of your birth and the astrological state of the solar system at the time. However, I doubt it explains this mysterious pattern that everything is somehow a part of.

Sychronicity is a very intriguing concept. I really believe this concept hints at the mystery of the existence of the human race or even the whole world. Interesting theories such as string theory comes to mind when I think about synchronicity. Our existence as a whole was a very slim possibility. If every single event (atomic, large-scale, and all in-between) that lead up to our existence as a whole did not happen in the order they happened, we would not be here. The world would be much different from how we perceive it today and in fact the whole universe could be different!

As I said before, I am new to Synchronicity (still learning about it) and this post was simply a train of thought. I am very excited about this concept and wish to discuss this in more detail with others who are fascinated by this concept as well

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Thank you :)

I think you are on your way to discovering the meaning of life. Each one of us acts as a domino in a complex series, and somewhere in there is a massive design of what defines our existence. Your article inspired me, lol. I guess synchronicity acts as a reminder that everything is connected, and everyone is responsible during his/her own existence for either a positive or negative contribution. Imagine that should the human species become extinct: what will we all be best known for to the next life form? <br />
Excellent article!

The more aware we are of these coincidences" we will become more and more convinced what we are looking at is not a coincidence but a force. In truth I don't know much about nor do I think of astronomy as playing a role. But one never knows I know its a force. I always thought the term for this was serendipidy. thanks so much for sharing. When it occurs we should all share it here. Of course this means having a pen and paper with me at all times as my memory is slip slidin away.

Thanks discoeterno! I will be on the on the lookout for your stories on your experiences with sychronicity. It's definitely a fascinating concept as well as mysterious.

Great piece. When I have more time, I'll have to share two of my oddest synchronicity stories with you. Both involve strange events with my chosen (not biological) grandmother. I'm a big believer in synchronicity.

Gemini, you may find this interesting:<br />
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I agree wiseoldowl that synchronicity has much to with mental telepathy as well. The main thing that I think Synchronicity shows is that there is a connection between interrelated or seemingly non-related events. It's this "connection" that synchronicity explains which intrigues me and has me thinking about existence among other things. The concept itself is not the fr<x>amework for which everything exists (at least I don't think so), but I think it's more of a manifestation of this "larger thing" that connects of all us which is why I think it's hints at existence and maybe more.

Gemini, the synchronicity I have experienced has more to do with two or more events that are interrelated happening in close proximity in time. I feel mental telepathy has much to do with synchronicty. I can quote many personal examples of these events. <br />
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Scientific evidence is starting to emerge. The work of Dr Bruce Lipton is quite fascinating. (There are some links in my blog)

I absolutely agree that there is "something much larger at work that everything is somehow a part of".<br />
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I'm just not sure that the term "synchronicity" is the right one to apply to it.

I understand your point datura because there seems to be a paradoxical element to Synchronicity (like cause and effect happing at the same time), but I do think that Synchronicity do hint at some thing much larger at work that everything is somehow apart of. I'm still new to the concept however, so I'm far from being an expert in that area lol. But I really believe that we (by we I mean the scientific community) have witnessed the concept in action with quantum entanglement. I guess that's the real reason I got excited by synchronicity because it reminds me so much of quantum entanglement lol. I'll continue to research this topic and update this post. I get the feeling that when it comes to existence, synchronicity may support the claim that there wasn't a beginning, that something has always existed. Don't take my word for it though lol, that is just what I'm thinking right now and will probably change the more I get to know the concept. Spooky concept that is!

This is an interesting train of thought , Gem.<br />
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In my mind, I am not sure that the concept of synchronicity , as Jung defined it, is the proper one to assign to the mystery and string of events that must occur over generations--since the beginning of mankind actually-- to set up our unique and individual birth, our DNA, our exact circumstances. <br />
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It is true that it is almost mind-boggling to realize all the event since the origins of life on our planet that lead up to each of us being the exact and unique person we are. But, I feel that it is a chain of events, and we can trace that chain back for a short distance ,at least. There is a causality involved, and if we knew all the facts we could trace it back even further. We are indeed each absolutely unique.But in my mind the concept of synchronicity can't be used to explain that uniqueness, even from the aspect of astrology.<br />
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I am interested to see what other people think about this!