Yes And No

As a scientist, a rational thinker grounded in the physical world, I reject the idea that unrelated events are connected by divine design. However, I cannot deny that things are connected, related, and that observing that connection can often imbue events, and thus life itself, with greater weight and meaning.

36 years ago this week I received word of my father's death. The news arrived the same day that the package of Channukah gifts he sent arrived in the mail.

About 20 years ago, another package arrived, this one of my father's belongings. I left the box unopened for two decades, moving it, dust covered as I moved houses.

17 years ago, after lighting the candles for the last night of Channukah, I went for a walk on the beach where we lived, and presented my first wife with an engagement ring.

6 months ago, I proposed marriage to my fiance. I made a ring for her, turned of maple. For some reason I cannot explain, after she accepted my proposal, we opened the box of my father's belongings. In it was his thesis looking at the roots and evolution of marriage laws and customs. In it also were plaques of his many degrees and awards. My fiance, also a physician, explained to me their significance. For example, I had no idea what AOA was.

A couple of months later, while moving my fiance's furniture into my home, her hand was crushed against a doorway, and the ring I made for her was smashed. It was too thin to be glued. I told her I would get her another one.

Last night, as we prepared for my family Channukah party this weekend, the doorbell rang. She signed for the package. It contained a ring for her.

I do believe that, on one level, all of these things are coincidences. I also believe that the arc that connects these events circumscribes my life and makes these events and my life that much more meaningful.

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Look up the golden ratio see if that peaks the scientific mind and quenches the creative thirst.

Great story! If you could read mine, you may be surprised at what has occurred.