I'm Not Completely Sold, But I Am Completely Open To The Idea

A few years ago I my cat lived with me and had a tendency to wander over to the neighbor's house and eat their cats' food. After some time, one of the neighbors came to my house to tell me that my cat had attacked her son's cat and her son. The attack was bad enough that she had taken him to the emergency room. Later, I discover that my cat had the exact same name as his cat, was the exact same color, and that he is my age and going to the school I recently graduated from and was studying the same thing. All of this seemed incredibly bizarre.

Next story: I was laid off from my job a few years ago and after three months I was struck with the idea to email my old boss and ask if they had received new contracts recently, and if they wanted more help. I was skeptical about it, but eventually worked up to doing it. To my surprise, she responded and offered me a position. After coming back, the QC manager told me that, before I came back, she had been talking to my boss about hiring help and she suggested that my boss call me to see if I would be interested. Apparently, the day that she was going to call me was the day I emailed her. The whole point of this story from that manager was to tell me that she thought I had very good intuition. I found this all very interesting. I was sure at that moment that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. It felt pretty great.

Also, everyone that I ever disliked at my work because they were unfriendly, hostile, etc were eventually let go. That also felt pretty great, haha. Not that I was excited that someone lost their job, rather, that everyone was where they were supposed to be.

Another one just popped into my head. I was recently starting to have serious troubles with my vehicle that would cost more than what it is worth to fix. Then, I was hit by another car. This led me to believe that the universe was telling me it's time for a new car. I went in search of the same model, but a newer year and a specific color. One place had this car and I thought this meant it was definitely the one. I went there and they had sold it the night previously. Disappointed, I test drove an older model that was a hideous color and absolutely disliked it. Now I knew this wasn't going to be my favorite model, but it was all I knew and all I trusted, and so I went searching for more. I ended up across the street looking at these same models and was not happy about any of them. Eventually, I was convinced to try another model, but the same trusted make. I fell in love immediately. It was the color I wanted, but it was a bit old and a bit too high of a price for the year. It also didn't have a sun roof, which was something I really wanted, but was considering letting that one go. Upon further research, I found out that the newest versions of that model were ones I really didn't like the look of. So, I found out the exact year that they stopped making the model this way, and that was the newest one I would want to get. The next dealership I looked at had the exact color, model, year, had a sunroof, and low miles for about the same price as the older one I almost bought. I knew immediately that this was MY car, and it was coming home with me. I've loved it every day since and haven't had even moment of buyer's remorse. I like it a lot more than I ever liked my other model.

Man, these keep flowing in now... When I first moved into my new home, the furnace went out. As you may know, furnaces are not cheap nor easy to replace. It almost felt like the universe was perhaps against me at the time, considering I didn't have a lot of money and this would put me out quite a bit, and it happened so soon after purchasing a home. It turned out that the government as well as power and gas companies were doing rebates that year for appliances that were more efficient, and I ended up MAKING $1,000 from it. Not only did I make money, but the new furnace is significantly more efficient and has saved me money since getting it. The fact that it happened sooner than later was actually a blessing. Not only that, but my garage door opener went out at the same time. Also, at the same time, my dishwasher went out. This, too, was something that seemed to me to be the universe working against me at the time. Turned out that these were covered by my home warranty, and if it had happened later, they wouldn't have been covered.

After the home warranty expired, my refrigerator died. My in-laws just happened to have a spare one in their garage because their neighbors had just moved and gave it to them. I got a free fridge.

I had also been looking for a bookshelf, had considered just getting a very simple and cheap, somewhat poor-quality IKEA shelf. Well, at that time, my in-laws' neighbors were getting rid of a fancy china hutch and it just happens to fit in perfectly in my home and holds all of my books nicely. Elegant, and, best of all--FREE!! haha.

Also, the week that I moved into my new home, there wasn't a washer and dryer, and I was thinking I would have to routinely go over to my parents' house to wash my clothes. After having these thoughts about how inconvenient it would be and deciding I wanted my own, me and my SO passed by a house of a guy he knew from years ago that had a washer and dryer sitting on his porch. My SO had $100 in his pocket and went in an offered the man the cash to take his washer and dryer that day. He accepted, and we never once had to wash our clothes somewhere else. We got a washer and dryer for hella cheap in a seemingly random, happy-chance way.

Oh boy, another. I have been extremely eager to build a deck on my home since moving in. It's ridiculous the house didn't have one... Anyway, I had people come and give me quotes that were insane, around $20,000-60,000. I felt deflated, as the lowest price was still outrageous and out of reach. I almost wanted to give up and say in my head that when I have the money I will do it, which might be more than five years away. Anyhow, I ended up pricing out the parts for building one myself, and I was able to build my own, with the perfect color of trex; and the perfect metal railing, that, normally, would be more than twice the cost, but it was going for an introductory price. The end result was I got a deck that was exactly what I wanted, in every way, for under $5,000. IF THERE'S A WILL, THERE'S A WAY.

I might need to change the name of my title now... Before owning a home, I was renting one, and I had the thought that I was paying just as much as a mortgage costs, but I'm not building any equity and I'm just throwing my money away. I decided to start looking, but my SO had his doubts about being able to afford one. After some weeks of looking and showing him ones that looked affordable I finally convinced him to actively search with me. We looked at several and found one that was originally listed way outside of our price range just months before. Now, it was just barely outside, so we offered lower, and my SO's father thought they'd laugh at our offer because the land alone was worth that much. But when I was in the house for the first time I knew almost immediately that this was MY house and I was going to make it my home. The feeling is completely inexplicable, but entirely recognizable. The offer was originally countered, and we countered them with the original offer, and they accepted!!! EVERYONE was surprised. I was ecstatic. This was THE coolest house I had ever seen in my life, and even though it has almost no curb-appeal, the inside is ******* amazing and I haven't regretted buying it for even a second.

Jesus, I'm starting to realize I have so many that it's hard to get them all down. I also got a platform bed that was thousands of dollars cheaper than normal by happy-chance, and it's the PERFECT platform bed; a style I've wanted since I was a child. The minute I saw it, I knew it was MY bed.

I also, just last year, got a new couch. We originally--after first purchasing our new house--got a couch-set online from a craigslist sort of site that was $140 and had some broken legs that weren't a big deal. When the legs became a big deal, we went out in search of a couch. I wanted a specific type, and specific color. We found one that looked interesting and when we sat down on it we both knew immediately that this was our couch. It was even better than anything I had thought of. It amazed me, this couch. However, it was a bit pricy. We tried haggling with the salesman, to little avail. He would only lower the price if we bought a warranty that cost as much as he was taking off. This upset us and we went to look for something similar somewhere else. We were unsuccessful in our quest for something even close to as cool as this couch is. When we went back, the salesman and manager weren't there, which they had said they would be. The manager and salesman that were there assured us that this wouldn't be an issue and asked us how much we were paying for it, we told them the price we were paying for the couch and that we weren't going to buy a warranty. We got the couch for the price we wanted and have been perfectly happy with it since. It couldn't have been better.

Also, on this last New Year's Eve, a friend of my SO had promised to give us a ride home that night--for a big price--since getting a taxi would most likely require at least an hour's wait. He ended up ditching us in the car that was supposed to take us first, then come back for him. Displeased, and hungry, we decided to not wait for anyone to come back and walked to a nearby pizza place. It turned out to be a very interesting food quest and the moment we walked out the door, a taxi was driving past, and my BIL raised his arm to hail the cab, and it stopped for us! We had a delicious meal, a much more interesting evening, and got home in a perfect way at the perfect time. So, even though it seemed the night was going to be ruined, it turned out to be much more enjoyable--and cheaper-- than it would have otherwise been.

Haha, I came to this group to read stories to convince me that this is something that exists, and it seems I've managed to convince myself. Which is actually more powerful... Hopefully this LONG post ends up helping someone else somehow.

Love & Peace
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Jan 10, 2013