Please Make Sense Of This 20 Occurances!

I am from a small town in England; a poor family
1972 My First ever record was American Pie, an American record by Don Mclean. (Suggested by my sister Maureen). The song was inspired while Don was a paperboy and read of the death of Buddy Holly in 1959!!! “The year I was born”
1980 went to join the English navy to become a marine engineer so I could go Miami three years later to work on boats. The Navy said no go to the royal marines; 10 years later I end up in California
1980 First Tape “The Jazz Singer” (Suggested to me by Johnny Owens a fellow marine) the first track “where coming to America” Acapulco" ; Went there in 1989 "Hey Louise"; The only girl I was engaged to” Louise Clemson”
1982 Went to War With Argentina (“Don't Cry for Me Argentina" was my favorite a song from 1977) During the 1982 Falklands War between the United Kingdom and Argentina, the song was sometimes played sarcastically by British regimental bands as they deployed to the Falklands.
1989 Moved into my new home on Booth Rd, Manchester. Directly across from my home a house called the “White House”
1992 Came to California and got Sober
Jan 2013 The other day in my car. I have a navigator that responds to the word “Chelsea” only. No other word triggers it. When I say Chelsea I can command it by voice. I look like Sean Penn and was talking in the car about him and his work in Haiti, and how much I would like to do that. I then mentioned his ex, Madonna and I wondered if she would like me just in jest. As soon as I said “Madonna” the navigator responded to the name Madonna… no other and it only did it three time and wont again. I tried Trina Tristan, Montana, Jessica, Harry, Charley; nothing.
Jan 2013 I am interested in a girl and decided to Google image her. I type in her name and 100 pages of photos of woman came up with that name. There was one man’s picture 12 pictures away from the woman. It was Bono!! Another person I look like. I am a cross between Bono and Sean Penn (picture available on Facebook) I took a picture as proof. It has not duplicated since.
Jan 2013 A person came in with a company quilted jacket on the other day. I said I would like to get some for the other people in the office so I took pictures of it. 10 minutes later I get an emailed resume from someone looking for a sales job. He currently owns a Promotion item company. The make company material including company jackets”
Jan 2013 I used to live at 444 Chautauqua, Pacific Palisades. I was showing someone the house the other day on Google earth. If you look at it there are 4 arrows pointing inwards. They form a picture that is IDENTICAL to the Union Jack, the flag of England
Jan 2013 Final for now I was looking for a screen save and saw a beach picture with the sun setting. It reminded me of a beach in Acapulco that I have never forgotten. It was called Pie de la Cuesta; which stands for Sunset beach. However when I download it, it had a watermark on it; it said “the beach Sunset”
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This was a very interesting post, hope things have been good to you since. Don't know what to say, except that you should look into something called, the "String Theory".
Regarding the line you quoted from "America", the real words are, "Their coming to America, never looking back again."