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I have just learned about 'The Secret' It's quite brilliant that I've discovered it in such a time. I've needed meaning in my life for the longest time. Now I feel that I've found it. I am actually now making a video on it for youtube. I am extremely excited.

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This is becoming one of my biggest bugbears!<br />
The so called law of attraction and synchronicity are completely different concepts. Synchronicity was coined and conceptualised by Carl Jung, a psychoanalyist. Jung believed in the Soul but I seriously doubt he would have anything to do with the Law of Attraction. I hear a lot of people saying that the Law of Attraction works, but ask yourself this - explaining that people get what they want by their intentions and desires is nothing more than saying pray for it and it will happen. It could be the case that some random God feels like satisfying you. The Law of Attraction is also incredibly egotistic. It states basically that the Universe is nothing more than a machine that just happens to exist to respond to your idle desires. I think it's a horrible vision of the Universe. Also, when I hear people talking about the Law of Attraction, they talk about things they want - money, cars, a man/woman... nobody talks about wanting love, happy relationships with family members, warmth or security, or peace. Sorry, my world isn't hear to satisfy people's addicitons to material luxury.

wakeupkaren - They just kind of happen. I don't know that we can actually control what happens. But in a way we always do. We seek out the things we need, at least my entire lifes been like that. I cannot say I know how your life functions. But I don't see my life has coincidence.

mags681 - Google synchronicity.

ok what is the "secret"