Strange Timing Occurance - Finding Old Note And Then Get Email From That Person

My jaw literally hung open in awe when this occured to me.

On Saturday (in Oct 2009), my computer suddenly only showed a movable mouse pointer on a completely blank and useless screen. I tried a ton of ways to fix this (this even occurred in "safe-mode"). So I decided to just reinstall windows on that partition.

In my search through boxes for various program disks to install my apps and programs again, I found this old note on a card I had made (dated Jan 2008) where a cousin of mine who lives far away had asked me if I could do a painting for her (somehow she never got back to me about it back then). It has her name and email address on it. I wondered what she was up to and kept the card outside on my desk.

The very next day I get an email from her (she had only ever emailed me once before and that was back in Jan 2008) saying she was wondering if I could make a cat painting for her. She said she had seen a painting of mine the other day at her sister's house which made her want to email me again.


I find this incredibly unbelievable since this was one day after I rediscovered this card and only the second time she'd ever emailed me.

I have read some writings by Carl Jung about synchronicity where seemingly unconnected events occur that seem too coincidental. Or perhaps it's a sign of real ESP.

I have noticed things like this before but this seems to be the most incredible to me.

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I feel that synchronicity definitely exists, and I'm pleased that you bring Jung up. I find his ideas on synchonicity very perceptive and endlessly fascinating.<br />
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"Coincidence" is a figment of our imaginations. I don't know what this particular story means, and you probably don't either at this point, but you should be open to the possibility that it definitely means something and you need to pay attention to it.