Signs,signs And More Signs

I am a true believer in the theory of coincidences,synchronicities and signs. If my eyes and mind is open I can immediately pick up on them all around me.One example was I prayed for some signs in reference to a relationship that I feel pretty strongly about and after my meditation I turned on the TV and the first one I heard was taken, I turned to the on-demand listing for movies and the movie name that stood out was Taken, so I guess you can say God gave me the answer, it may not be the one I wanted to hear but nevertheless he gave me an answer. But far most I receive most of my signs in the form of music, most so than others, one situation I asked for help and when I turned on my radio there was this song" Listen to your heart before you tell him goodbye". As they say everything happen for a reason and if our minds/heart and eyes is open to the universe the answers will come. 

1roseofsharon 1roseofsharon
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1 Response Feb 25, 2010

I know what you mean. I have always been intrigued by synchronicity. When these events happen I'm always left wondering what was the message and did I interpret in correctly. You seem very tuned into your coincidences and I hope to become more aware of the signs, too.