I Take It Very Seriously

I started my kids at young ages how to shoot and handle a rifle . Most importantly , how to be safe with a gun . I had to learn entirely on my own and came close to injury more than once .
It helped create a bond between my son and I , going to the range and the occasional small game hunt . He came close to shooting me by accident once , sometimes has a temper problem on the range . Those are the times that we shut down for the day , put everything away and I stay in "instructer mode" for far too long . He's a good boy and has learned alot , but with lots more to learn before I'd ever let him just go out and hunt .
My youngest has been a very good student and a quick learner . They all know these aren't toys , must be handled with great respect , pointed away from anyone , kept clean and in good working order , etc . I wish my father had taught me these things when I was young .
Even if you don't want your children to ever touch a gun , at least teach them how to be safe with one .
WisestFool WisestFool
41-45, M
May 9, 2012