Telepathy Out Of Control, Seeking Assistance And Help

Hi all,

I've recently realised I'm a telepath thanks to an individual in my neighbourhood who informed of this. I broadcast my thoughts - all my thoughts - constantly like I'm a radio station with no off switch. I have absolutely no control over it and no idea how I'm even doing it. Its not only my thoughts, its everything about me I think - my feelings, my emotions, sensations in my body, and even what I look at.

I'm seeking assistance from anyone who knows about this and can teach me how to control and stop broadcasting like this because as far as I'm considered its a mental form of rape and its vile and disgusting and horrifying to know I'm doing this to people and I cant stop it because I dont have a clue how to. As far as I can understand, it works locally - i.e. within a certain radius, and with anyone I think about and anyone I see I create a connection with and I think the strength of that connection is dependent on how often I meet or think about that person.

If anyone can help me, please get in touch because this needs to stop - as far as I'm considered I'm a mental rapist because thats exactly what Im doing to people.

Please get in touch if you think you can help me.

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Hi I'm new to this site but glad I have found it .in 2010 I had a bad break down that's when my telepathy started whent to my psyche because I was kinda projecting but hearing peoples thoughts 100% he made me choose 3 numbers from 1to1000 I got them all correct so I then believed I was in the army I got diagnosed with psychosis whent to hospital took antipsychotic meds wich got rid of it now I have stopped the antipsychotic meds it has come strait back and with a vengeance all I can here is other peoples thoughts it's fucken horrible and I'm pretty sure I'm broadcasting coz no one will come near me but the worst thing is when I hone in on someone's thoughts I get the worst kind of headache and my eyes get all squinty and for some reason my mind becomes really violent as if it's trying to reject the thoughts it's so weird I can't control it I can't look at people I can't think strait I'm in hell thanks for reading

thank god im not alone!!! I thought broadcast constantly, the only break is when i sleep, but also im able to hear what dogs, birds and other things are "thinking/saying" does anyone have any tips or ideas as to how to learn to control the telepathy or just make it stop, and please dont say why would u want that, if u have it u know why you want it to stop, much love

Greetings to all:

I've recently come across the same problem, I seem to be 'projecting' or 'broadcasting' my 'inner monologue' to many people in my neighbourhood. They are all very frustrated, but no one will come and discuss it with me, leading me to believe that perhaps I'm just mentally ill.

I have very little control over my inner voice, and therefore everything I think comes out in a stream of consciousness. I've given out personal details, I've also had some pretty terrible thoughts cross my mind; things I've seen in movies or on TV that make me seem like a total creep. I've been told by one of the people or 'voices' that it is not my thoughts but my inner voice that is being projected, which everyone else seems to be able to stop, but is just how I have always thought.

Does this ever end? Has anyone who experienced this come out the other side, or is it just a constant?

Thanks for sharing your stories, until 3 weeks ago I didn't believe in anything like this, and to be honest I'm still not sure I do.

Yes your are not alone... I have had similar experiences... well, but I have good and bad experiences, life used to be quite good, I used to attract a lot of good people... but somewhere things got wird, and have periods that things improve or get almost normal... but it seams that you are in the early stages... well you should try to get positive people around you before it gets out of control... headphones are a good temporary solution to avoid hearing things that you don't want...

Check out this site

In junior high, I developed telepathy. I found a way to hold back my thoughts and a way to broadcast or push them out. Adults wanted me to go to Washington DC, but I didn't. Students found it entertaining, until they were put under control too.
It takes practice to turn it on and off.

Your are not doing anything wrong... you are blessed... you will find a way... I also send my thoughts... at the beach It seams to be more controlled... I don't think you send emotions, I think people trick you to tell what is going on in your life... try learning a different language to preserve your privacy... I read somewhere that chackras help you control your abilities...

I am experiencing the exact same symptoms. Sorry I do not exact have a solution except to try to be positive and do things that put your mind at ease and off of other people. They will still hear your thoughts, but you should still try to enjoy yourself.... Tell me, can you also hear their voices and respond to them? This is the first account I have come across which was so similar, almost exact, to what I am experiencing. I think we could be able to help each other, because at this point I am willing to try anything. Message me back when you get a chance

Please message me in desperate need of help have annoying ***** upstairs from me who likes drama nd enjoys this **** and I am tired of her hearing all my buisness because shes really really nosey and likes to repeat my life away and use me for entertainment purpouses I need revenge lol :)

I was 21yrs old when my 1st telepathic experience occured. Its happened to me 4 times in 48 yrs...& I am CERTAIN it was an angelic presence or the Holy Spirit of God because I had accepted Jesus as my Lord & Savior when I was 18yrs. It was reading my silent thoughts & 1 warning saved my daughters life & another 1 saved my life.

I am also a broadcast telepathic. I have dropped out of school and landed in the psychward because I was to freaked out about people hearing my thoughts. I live in an apartment building and the people above me can hear me. I suppose I've always been a telepath only I usually forget about my condition and my overthinking things uses abates to the norm. Now for about a year I can't stop thinking, broadcasting my problems...I can;t go out for more than a walk to the store because I am scared of what people might think about me. All in all my life feels like its over and I am only 23. It's refreshing to hear so many posters talk about the same problem I have. It's nice to express yourself to other people who arent foreign to the topic like my psychiatrist.

If you don't want to broadcast, you can jam your frequency by watching television 6+hours per day, drink fluoridated tap water, and eat lots of meat. But, why the hell would you want to do this to yourself? Broadcast your mind. Speak your mind. You actually torture evildoers with your ability. Broadcast even louder!!!

Please do tell me more how to control this power ... I want to master it so I can choose to send a mental message only to those whom I choose ...

You are a Nurotypicail who has started useing telepathy for the first time. Nearly everyone already is, I'm sorry to tell you but a horrible journey is just beginning for you. Basically there is program whether government or otherwise that is turning everyone into "aspies" as they call it. Essentially it's a massive population control system that is making everyone into autistic like people... So that they can not cooperate. You have to find away to stop talking to them anyone you hear in your head does not have your best intrests at heart... Slowly you will hear more and more as your mind becomes attuned to it. If your like me you only usually hear telepathy strictly related to you or that you are the object of others telepathy..Another point I should tell you is that people who have been made aspies can also occupy your body and speak directly to you in a process known as "observing" they are actually in your mind and can sound like people you know. They can also look at your memory so no point in denying anything. Anyway they will slowly turn you into a aspie as well. Do not trust people in the medical profession as they seem to have a direct link in this "aspie" process, which requires radiation to deaden your brain. As far as controlling your telepathy I don't think you can must of the other people have been useing it most of their life so it's more natural and they maybe observing you. You may not be using telepathy. I can tell the difference

Dude that's going a bit to far

i have this same issue and it is very terrifying!! luckily i know the "sop broadcasting solution" and its called "kundalini awakening". the kundalini will remove the problem and you will return to normal. send me a message to if you want more advice.

What is the 'sop broadcasting solution'? Please I want more advice ...

i mean the stop broadcasting solution. try awakening the kundalini and this will bring your reality back to normal. it is very helpful and in the end you automatically become the master of your mind so you never have to broadcast again. here is a video on how to awaken the kundalini:

Hey I'm new here and I will defy try it

Hello everybody, this is my first year being counscious of telepathy, I am starting to hear peoples thoughts, I am 20 years old and reading all of this makes me feel comfort, I am so happy I am not the only one. Ive been getting very creeped out but I know this is the beginning of something great.

You really think so?

Hi there, I actually started hearing voices in high shool but thought I had schizophrenia, lasted about a week & went away. Now I'm 20 about to turn 21 & about roughly a month ago I started hearing voices again. Thought I was loosing is Seriously,. In the shower I heard men's voices talking about me like they could see me.. And now I can't stop picking up my friends thoughts, or work members thoughts along with family members. I can't even think of a face or name anymore bc if I do I hear them like they say "why do I hear -----'s voice in my head? .. And whyy can I see these things in my head?!" well, I'm obviously not the only one and it has really been taking a tol on me and I have no idea how to stop. Meditation & music help, also deep breathing (form of meditation) .. I also can telescope people meaning if I don't focus on my thoughts with connected people attached to my thinking path then I am capable of visually seeing their thoughts,. How can I stop projecting or telescoping? Its really driving me mad.

I keep calm because tough times don't last, only tought people do.. But no one but a stranger at a stop lights willing to tell me & I need some answer.


Hey,first off let me say your not the only one! My telepathy has been outbid control for 7 years now and I still am having trouble to grasp it all. My abilities have long range distances,and I can implant images in a persons mind sometimes. It's beyond scary and it has literally ruined my life. Jobs,so called friends and some family I have lost. But I really would like to chat with you because this ability can be used for the greater good and the bad! I know this is the beginning of something that right now we can't explain,but if we master it imagine our capabilities. For good not bad,we are the future and were feared and mostly we fear ourselves more. Maybe we can help each other out..I have people that knows I'm telepathic but hide it to help me. I know cause the more I know they can hear me the more I give off my thoughts or I start concentrating on theirs. Lol,it's crazy but true,so with said find a way to contact me and we can build something positive out of this gift we have inherited. Till then goodluck.

It looks like the profile that wrote this story some time ago, has been deleted. So unfortunately it is unlikely you'll get a response.

Inspiring. I am glad I am not the only one.

I wish I could talk to you guys in helping control this telepathy ...

Aftr 9 horrendous months of hearing/transmitting thoughts I finally realized the best thing is: just be yourself. Be who you were before you were so worried about being special. Use "less is more," and instead of TRYING to put your mind on other things, just let go. After a little while your brain will move on, and before you know it your mind will be on something else. Remember, at the end of the day IT'S YOUR BRAIN, YOU ARE IN CONTROL. This past week has been blessedly better. I still have a little trouble sometimes, but am learning how to control my brain again, instead of letting it control me. Food, water, rest, and deep breathes also help. Turn on a radio or tv, and actually listen to those voices instead, and pay close attention. These combined have helped me, and will hopefully help everyone else. Oh, also don't forget belief is important, but try not to dwell on the situation. Good luck to all, and God bless.

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Well I think I saw your post on another forum, and if its the same person I'd say the best way to stop transmitting thoughtsis to learn some control. Meditate, go into your mind, the part in charge of all that and set up some doors. That will stop people sending you potentially harmful/annoying thoughts, and you from doing vice versa. Of course then all you have to do is not open that door.i.e avoid thoughts of that person. that's the bit I was struggling with y'know but like I think I got a handle on it now

Find Jesus thats what im using to cure me i came in with an iteraction with a natural being here name was lena and shes mentally ill but sane at the same time she was i believe is evil and i think its crazy but some people can hear me some cant unless i focus on sending a message i had a full on convo with this women but i cnt hear people just send messages and its bothering me as well cause i think TOO much and i know other people can hear me i wish i didnt have this problem but at the same time i use in a productive way in order to change peoples way they look at the world and theere overal faith i will contunie asking god for this too go away but im getting better at controlling if i send the message or not, its acctaully quit easy just dont think at all when u begin too send a message cauese if u truly as i am then u can feel when people can hear you or they cant...again find god its a solution to any problem..

Hey dude, what you said, sounds very much like me. When I first found my "telepathy" in early 2009, I immediately became frequently paranoid that I unable to control when I was sending telepathic messages, and I still encounter that problem on a daily basis, but it is much better almost 3 years later. But 3 years ago, it made me go through a horrible time, a time that still makes me cry remembering.

hey, if u want, gimmie an add so we can chat. I can't add u since you are underage.

How did you do it?

Iam form Russia and i have same problem

My neighbors can hear my thoughts

Yeah dude, when I first found telepathy, it made me rather paranoid and occasionally sad for a while. It just took a little time for me to learn to manage it. I could imagine how others could suffer from similar things. I could also imagine others with "gifts" that have learned to live with it peaceably.

I hope you are part of that latter category, good luck in russia.

Me too ... I've been a telepath for 27 years now and I still don't know how to control it ...

Im not the only one

heh, yeah, i've thought this a lot too. I am a little suprised by how many people know something about telepathy on this website.

and as far as the story here says, it is really impossible to not feel like your constantly broadcasting your thoughts. It's hard to describe, but I've been conquering this paranoia bit by bit for almost 3 years now.

yeah dude, I got the same damn problem, I was hoping I was alone, but I can't hide my thoughts from others either. I lost my job and dropped out of school because of it. My life died because of it.

I have the same problem with broadcasting my thoughts. It's hard not to focus on someone once a link is created with them. From a distance, mind reading seems cool, but it's not. It becomes hard to tell your thoughts from others. I hate thinking so loud, especially since I am bit shy and insecure. I hate picking up on others' thoughts, too. I want to know that I am acting out my desires, feeling my emotions, and thinking my thoughts.

What do you mean police? How are they involved? I feel for you but some times wish I could mind read. Have you tried meditation or healing yourself from with in. I wish I could help. I hope and pray you find someone whnreally understands and excepts you for you.

Hi, i am a telepath too. I have been for a few years although i didn't realise it for quite awhile. I was stunned when i found out. Shell shocked. It is so distressing to hear what people really think as most people never speak their true feelings or thoughts. I don't know how it happened. My life feels like a prison now. Not only do i have to carefully choose the places i go so as to only be around spiritual people but when i accidentally answer to someone's thought, not realising it was not said out loud, it freaks them out. They tell everyone. Word just spreads like wildfire and then everyone freezes me out, makes me feel like i am a psychic spy and they make my life hell for something i have no control over. I don't even socialise now because everyone moves away from me when they see me. I am beautiful and intelligent and caring and funny but i can't keep a man. They are besotted with me until i once again over the phone or on some other occasion where i am not aware it was a thought not something they voiced, i answer to it.

I have been attacked so many times because people feel like it's mind rape which in a way it is although i would not intentionally do it. The police cover it up and try to portray me as the instigator and mentally ill. I feel scared for my safety because of what the police are doing. I have nobody to protect me. I just move and hope nobody in the new town finds out. If there was any way i could stop this i would. I don't know what the purpose of if is, maybe spiritual growth. I am certainly much more spiritual now. I also am very careful when it comes to trusting people as i can tell their motives straight off just by their thought and it prevents me getting into a lot of dangerous situations (apart from attacks on me because of it). I am online now trawling websites, trying to find others who are in similiar positions just for some support i guess.

bhi jsut to let u knwo im the same but people have always been scarde of me yet oved me and usuali turn this into hate or fear because they can sense im different yet people always come to me because they have an urge to. its quite strange but i know that its the same for me where you thing things and almsot feel you need to shut your mind off becuase you have accepted all the energy around you but then you fear people will pickup on you too and almost through thinging this they will look at you etc. my advice is to jsut think and feel freely honestly we are full of energy its what makes the word go around and dont be afraid or ashamed of transmitting anything because quite often people are blind and wont even notice althoguh subconsciously they will notice you are emitting somehting. you are special you jstu har to learn to deal wiht it. you have a gift there isnt any on off switch but you can do alot of good in life if you put this to work effctively by helping others. anomals will let you know if you are special. i can quiet the rowdiest horse or the most agressive dog its strange but if they can feel you have control over your inner calm you could easily help alot of others

I think it will be difficult to shield our thoughts; but the only thought I could come with is trying to keep busy. I believe that we have strong mental and spiritual connections to certain people that it will be hard to avoid the thoughts and block them off. I believe that I have strong connection to my family, and also to an acquaintance. I say I"m somewhat telepathic. I believe that if we listen to our gut instincts and are sensitive to other people's auras; we get to experience telepathic thoughts and messages.

I wouldn't call it rape; it's more like breaking and entering of people's mind. in a telepathic book I read 3 years ago; they said if you think and focus about someone; they start thinking and focusing on you. the best thing I can offer try to not to think about that person or so listen to music for a while to calm you down; this way; your thoughts are not that loud. I find being on the internet, and on ep keeps me from thinking about certain people (offline) in my life. the book I read is: The Sense of Being Stared At: And Other Aspects of the Extended Mind.