Only Once With My Identical Twin Brother

I have a weird twin thing with my brother. Last year he fell in gym class and smacked his head pretty hard. He actually passed out for a few seconds, but he was taken out of school earlier by our mom and to the doctor. He turned out to be okay.

But right during the same class period as my brother hit his head, I got this crazy headache. It only lasted a little while though. After it was gone I couldn't shake the feeling that I wanted to check on him. I even sent him a text asking if he was okay with no reply... he was at the doctors by then.

He texted me back that he wasn't in school and what happened. I was in shock as much as he was about what happened.

So far we haven't had anything else freaky like that happen. But we believe its real after that happened to us.

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2 Responses Jul 8, 2011

im a twin too. once i was 2000 miles away and as we talked on the phone...he said "i just got the smell of polo aftershave" I was putting it on myself at that very minute...freaky twin thing!

That's weird. What other things have happened like that!

There is loads dcumented about twins able to communicate telepathically