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My Dog Has A Brain.

A little backstory here is relevant. I discovered my telepathic ability in about march of 2009. I soon discovered that using telepathy was very easy for me, and it was actually far more difficult to shut it off. Sometimes people hear my thoughts when I wouldn't like them too. But getting to the point. Before long, I began using telepathy to speak to my dog. My dog's name is bandit, and he wasn't particularly my dog. My family got him for my younger brother, and at first I thought he was rather annoying. A few months later I moved out to go to college and was gone for 9 months. So I never got close to the dog. However after I moved back, I began to develop a relationship with him. And it wasn't long after I got back that I discovered my telepathy. So I began using telepathy with my dog, and developed our relationship heavilly based on that. Well, about a year and a half after that, and things have changed, rather significantly. I kinda got curious as to wondering if my dog could telepathically speak back to me. Well, after that curiosity boiled for a few months, I finally found out that the answer was yes. And since then, both of us have become more comfortable with him talking back to me telepathically. And we do it a lot more. And it's impressed me greatly. Not only did my year and a half of talking to him teach him the english language that he now uses to speak back to me, but he's also very intelligent with it. Really I am amazed at his cleverness and am astounded by his sense of humor. He's really f*cking funny. We make fun of each other a lot, and he rips on me now. I know a lot of you probably don't believe me, but it's really true.
Jacob1080David Jacob1080David 22-25, M Aug 21, 2011

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