My Dog Has A Brain.

A little backstory here is relevant. I discovered my telepathic ability in about march of 2009. I soon discovered that using telepathy was very easy for me, and it was actually far more difficult to shut it off. Sometimes people hear my thoughts when I wouldn't like them too. But getting to the point. Before long, I began using telepathy to speak to my dog. My dog's name is bandit, and he wasn't particularly my dog. My family got him for my younger brother, and at first I thought he was rather annoying. A few months later I moved out to go to college and was gone for 9 months. So I never got close to the dog. However after I moved back, I began to develop a relationship with him. And it wasn't long after I got back that I discovered my telepathy. So I began using telepathy with my dog, and developed our relationship heavilly based on that. Well, about a year and a half after that, and things have changed, rather significantly. I kinda got curious as to wondering if my dog could telepathically speak back to me. Well, after that curiosity boiled for a few months, I finally found out that the answer was yes. And since then, both of us have become more comfortable with him talking back to me telepathically. And we do it a lot more. And it's impressed me greatly. Not only did my year and a half of talking to him teach him the english language that he now uses to speak back to me, but he's also very intelligent with it. Really I am amazed at his cleverness and am astounded by his sense of humor. He's really f*cking funny. We make fun of each other a lot, and he rips on me now. I know a lot of you probably don't believe me, but it's really true.
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My Turkey šŸ— Had A Brain...She heard my thoughts. I talked to her, feed her,...I would talk to her both vocally and using my mind..I called her Mable Able ...because Mabke was able to do things I no longer could. I had suffered a bone break in my lower back that streamed blood down my leg. So I was unable to pick up unwanted things like cigarette butts from yard. She went around gobbling them up for me. It had been enormous stress that led to the bone to break and my yard being messy was not going to help. I had quit smoking. Mable was going to help me quit smoking. She would take their cigarettes , right out of their hands as the people smoked them. Ofcourse I told her , you go girl...Mable Able....and I cooked her all the fresh Cornbread she could eat....Signed Theresa