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I found how easy telepathy is in 2009.  Sometimes I enjoyed it, sometimes I hated it.  I have a hard time facing people in person without having them recognize my thoughts.  I just literally can't focus on somebody close at hand without reveling my mind, thus the "sometimes I hated it."

However, it wasn't until 2010 that I heard telepathy back from someone for the first time.  Up until then, whenever I sent telepathy to somebody else, they responded with body language and such.  But in the summer of 2010, I got God to talk back to me, and a couple other strangers talked back a couple times too.  

I had long been desireous to find a telepathic wife for myself, and one night I hap-hazardly thought about hearing back from my dreamed destined woman.  I had been having problems again with people "hearing" my telepathy when I didn't specifically want them to, and I was kinda upset and thought, I can talk to anybody and they all hear me, why in the world can't I talk to my wife?  Then I wondered, now that I recognized that with the right person and the right circumstance, I could hear telepathy back from them, well I wondered if it was possible to hear from my wife, even if I hadn't met her yet.  

Well, remarkably that night, I reached out and talked to somebody.  It was a woman, and sounded about my age, so I figured that this might be the fabled telepathic wife I had been dreaming about.  

To make a long story short, she wasn't.  And it's made me really sad.  

We've never had anything but telepathy between us.  Never a phone call, an email, a text message, anything.  Soon after we met, I began to beg her to do something of this nature, I gave her my information and asked if she would email or call me.  It never came.

I had believed that she must have lived in the US, but in a different state.  It turns out she lives less than an hour's drive from me, but she kept that secret for 6 months.  I was a little angry when I found out, but quickly got over it, I understood and forgave her.  But even though we are still in communication, she's never made that hour's journey to see me.  This is 14 months after our first contact.  Now our relationship has fallen out, and it's really difficult.  We used to fight a lot, and we still sometimes get angry at each other, but have done a good job not to let our angers escalate.  I dunno why anger drives people to be so destructive and negative.  We've been doing good not to try and tear eachother apart.  Which is good, cause we have a real problem.  We're literally stuck together.  It's this damned telepathy, I don't understand how people live their whole lives, not recognizing what is very easilly possible in terms of mental communication, cause I literally can't shut my telepathy off.  Me and this ex literally cannot separate our minds from one another.  Sometimes, when I am very very focused on something, like I get into reading for a while, or get into playing a video game, or something.  Sometimes then, I can focus my thoughts entirely on that subject matter at hand, and then and only then is this B*tch voice in my head not there.  But other than that, 24/7, we're talking.  I can even think and not direct my thougts towards her, but just think about things, and she's still there.  

I've been mentally handcuffed to a B*tch, and I can't get out.  We've been trying not to fight, but she still does this insanely annoying voice, and it angers me very much.  I've had to develop an incredible control over my temper just so my own life isn't ruined with anger towards her.  I thought telepathy would never be able to curse me worse, but it has.  I just hope I can use this gift for something good for me and others in the future.  And eventually get rid of this evil little girl.  telepathic ex
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with self control one can block a person who tries to read your thoughts.

self control and sense of self. These two things when learned and used right will allow you the peace of mind within yourself to not (subconsciously) need to be attached to her. You may not realize it but the two of you are being codependent and stay linked not because you don't have control but subconsciously don't want to be alone. Do your research and give it time.

I just want to throw out in the wind what I've experienced. First off, I have never had the ability of telepathy. BUT this one time, I connected with my wife and her mom's telepathy. Back when my wife was just my girlfriend I experienced a very vivid voice coming from her mother directly into my head. She lived with us at the time. My wife was at the store when this happened. Her mother and I began exchanging conversation just like normal folks do with their mouths. I felt calm as sh*t because I had been smoking earlier so I guess it didn't really affect me like a normal high strung person would react to a telepathic conversation.
Anyways, I decided to go hit the shower and my wife came home. When she came in the door I knew it because she started talking to her mom telepathically as soon as she opened the door and I heard her conversation. I was still in the shower and my wife said something to her mom (still telepathically) and I butt in with a telepathic comment. IMMEDIATELY after I butt in with that comment my wife flipped out! I heard her telepathically say, "OMG! YOU CAN HEAR ME?!" and we exchanged a few extra comments via thought only. When I finished showering I walked out the door and she came right up the stairs perfect timing to bump into me. I'll never forget the look on her face. She looked at me with such passion. Such interest. A new love in her eyes. I have always been known to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, so when confronted with her physically standing in front of me after KNOWING I had just found out she and her mom are telepathic and I had communicated with them I was in an awkward position. So I did what anyone would and I said the least romantic thing I could think of. She was dissapointed because I could tell she wanted a bonding experience rather than me to push her away.
We went into the bedroom and laid down. I was doing something to myself, as was she, and I was still able to hear her thoughts and her mom's perfectly. So many things rushed through my head. How long have you been able to do this? Can you do it with anyone? Did your mom teach you? I then started looking at pictures of her when she was a teenager and almost immediately I could tell that she had always had this ability as long as she can remember. The way she dressed and this look in her face just gave it away.
After that day it never happened again. I tried so hard to make it work. But I just couldnt hear them anymore. To prove I was not hallucinating or crazy, since that day I have tested this telepathic ability on her and her mom by repeating things OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER until I finally get some sort of reaction from either my wife or her mom. Usually it's something that would cause great agitation that gets the reaction. Also when she has been extremely drunk I have had her slip out a few hints that she is telepathic.
I am so curious as to why she keeps it a secret?? Why doesn't she just come out and tell me??? We are currently separated and I believe it has a great deal to do with lies but most of it was actually, off topic, stress. Was she an experiment when she was a baby by the government? So many questions!

here's what I believe. Though religion is a perverse devil, it is somewhat true that life was created by a divine God. Thus, all life is limitless. To talk telepathically, any human, can do it. Animals do it quite frequently. Ever see schools of fish swim synchronously? Telepathy is the only true explanation of this phenomenon. As with many other cases. Telepathy is only a more minor example of the psychic potential all life possesses, I am trying to expand my psychic potential to truly become an all powerful God. it will take a long long time to learn how to be come powerful akin to the Jedi of the star wars movies. But I will do so.

She wasn't an experiment, she's just a normal woman. The thing is that we all have the potential for this in us, but it's so rarely accepted as real and usually thought of as being crazy to the point that it's easier to hide than to let be seen by everyone. That day on the stairs that she "bumped into you" she was ready to open up to you about it, esp. since you responded with it. Because you didn't show yourself to be open about it in normal talk, it showed that you weren't really ready to be open about it. A lot of times it's easier for people to speak telepathically about it than in spoken words and many would deny what they heard because of the way the world is these days. If you want her to talk about it and get another chance around her, then tell her a joke telepathically, but make sure that it's one that will make her bust out laughing, and when she does, look her in the eyes and smile as she's laughing, but be prepared to answer her "why are you laughing?" with the truth. ;) GL

Were you born into telepathy or did you learn how to send and hear messages through thought? If you learned, then how exactly? Just curious! :) <br />
- Archangelofdreams12

I was not born into telepathy. My parents do not believe in the same psychic powers I do. So they did not teach me or raise me in it. They did teach me and raise me in a LDS/mormon church, and they did send me to school to learn. They did teach me about the sort of magic possibilities that one can learn with religion and through God. However, the kind of psychic abilities such as telepathy that I am learning to develop now, are different. Particularly in that these abilities are within me, not within God or some angel that can help me if I properly seek their help.

I really, I don't know how to explain how I learned telepathy. Really, telepathy is the easiest of my psychic abilities that I am developing. It's not hard, just try it the next time your with the person your closest with. Just talk to them in your head, it never doesn't work for me, but everybody is very very different and unique, so how it'll work for you will be different from me.

however, learning other psychic abilities like telekinesis and something I haven't quite got a name for, but basically this ability to try to tap into this psychic center of all knowledge, to try to sense the answer to a question, or sense the truth of something, is something that most people wouldn't believe they could be capable of, but I have learned to believe and am learning how to do exactly this, to be able to sense the answer to any question I have, just like how the psychics in movies can tell your future and stuff.

I like what you said about "sensing the truth". I never thought that anyone else did this. Thanks for showing me I'm not the only one :)

that's really cool.

Thank you :)

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If you truly believe she is real you should make work of this.Even if it takes long. You found out she lived quite close to you after a while, perhaps if you find a way not to fight, see will give you more info anyway.I mean you must want to know what she looks like, even though you can't get along. The people that can use telepathy are spread thin, and to see who else has that ability, should show themselves to you.<br />
<br />
ps. I have had one small telepathic experience myself, I can tell you about it if you want, lemme know in a reply :)<br />
<br />
Greetings <br />

Thanks for the comment anna. I wrote this story because I was in a period of time where there we're much frustrations assicated with this girl, but things have changed considerably in the past months.
I had felt too much anger towards her, and expressed too much of that in this story. I am no longer so angry towards her, I"ve accepted that we aren't going to be together in the future, I had hoped that I had found a wife or something.

I have an accurate idea of what she looks like. But only being able to sense her face via the psychic connection we have, I do not have a clear imagination of what her face or body looks like, just some general characteristics, that she has red hair and green eyes, and what she sound like. But she never let me get close to her and love her. and that left me hurt and later angry, but i've moved on now.

and yeah, if you wanna share your telepathic experience, it'd definately be interesting to hear. Write it here in a reply if you want to leave the experience public, or you can tell me in private in a mail, or you can keep that to yourself, whatever you choose.

I have send you a PM :)


I know in my case this was live people soilders men and women im not schzio either they know your not to but its as game

dude i'd really like to talk to you more, at least if you might want to swap stories. About telepathy or whatever, I also love the subject of the new world order and the illuminati and the armageddon coming and such.