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i am having a serious problem with thought broadcasting that is not under my control. does anyone think this can  be dangerous? my thoughts go out all around the neighborhood and people shine lights out their windows to signal me that i am broadcasting since i am not receptive. are there any other thoughts on this like dangers in this happening?
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I know what you are going through trust me, I myself I THOGHT BROADCAST. Its not nice and your privacy is being violeted

Try different experiments with your thoughts. Example: meditation, listen to music, create a fantasy world. See what gives you the best results. With practice, you should learn how to control your thoughts and what you broadcast. When people complained they could hear me, sometimes, I just played a song in my head and let them hear that.

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plz bro help me up....
im having trouble with my thought broadcasting..
need to know abt it....
sumone iz tring to broadcasting my thought, i guess they are doing it by radio frequency...
need to know more need to get rid of it

This is done with some sort of technology. From my research, most likely with Radio Frequencies using satellites or radio towers, to track your brain waves, or analyze electrical impulses generated from your body. These signals are then sent to computers for analyzing and linking the patterns to identify your thoughts. What you thought can be received by the public through mobile phone apps which after decoding, are transmitted back by a broadcasting station. This is definitely not Hereditary as user - Jonny1799 described below. Natural telepathy may exist but not so common and definitely not with such precision to know exactly what you think. I think he is trying to cover this up.

From what I gathered so far, this system has been put out to the public for anyone to monitor each other's thoughts. For example take two people who are shining lights at you. They will have access to each other's thoughts as well. This is very dangerous since it encourages people who are more emotional or weak minded to be subjected to bullying and harassment by the hard core followers of this system. It can also put lives at risk by helping planed and staged accidents on those who are against the system. People can be discriminated and harassed just for thinking in a certain way. Many hard core followers of this system do not want to give it up because they have used it to dominate and control their spouses, workmates etc. For example, if a husband and wife both new each other's thoughts, the weaker one will naturally be dominated by the hardcore follower and will be too afraid to speak out against this technology. Who owns it ? Could be a secret military unit or a media institution. Not really sure. This is available in countries all around the world. My guess is that one influential group is controlling this with member/branches all around the world and helping to spread it across. I have been harassed this way myself with constant damage to my stuff and noise campaigns. So I know what you are talking about. Believe me, this is pure evil.

If you want to fight against it, search for terms " targeted individuals" "mind control" etc. and sign petitions against it. Also try to support political parties that try to uncover human rights abuses. As I see it, if any political party, supports or turns a blind eye on human rights abuses, when your time comes, they will do the same to you.

I'm always open to hearing other people's experiences. When it happened to me, there were no cell phones. I went through this from1967 through 2000. Since it lasted for over 30 years, it's a long and awkward story to tell.

In the beginning, I didn't know such a thing existed in me. At the age of 12, I was with a group of graduating high school campers. My mother was the bus driver. In the beginning, I saw things appear above people. For example, I was talking to a high school football player. I asked him who he liked. I watched a little white cloud-like thing float from his head to a nearby girl. I told him "That's the girl you like." I had it right. I did this several times and didn't think much about it.

As the years went by, more happened. As you can imagine, "big brother" was watching me. In my 8th grade class, I was punched, by an adult, for being lippy. I didn't say a word, but I was mentally telling him what he could do with himself. Everyone in the class said "We can hear what you're thinking." It appeared that adrenaline had a lot to do with turning on this energy within me. Since that was the key, I had been punched (and more) throughout my life.

Lots of things happened through the years, some good, most was bad. I haven't been really mad since 2000, so I don't know if it's truly over or not.

i have it also, so i will do what i want to help u understand it, 1st thing u need to know is u are born with it and it is hereditary, meaning its in your gene pool, 2nd thing u need to know is that its real, dont listen to people with average hearing cuz they will only hear the people u hear if those people are close, if they are too far away like 5 miles away, people will say its all in your mind and u are delusional, luckily the people will always give u signs that its real just so u can feel better and safe and that u are not delusional.

The Thing about this is its a real life telepathy, here is how it works, your life is a movie for others to see,hear,feel,smell and touch, they are spectators and u are the Host, everything about u reflects on them, (example) if u are cold, they are cold, if u eat, they know how the food taste even if they never ate that food because they taste it from u. you are not truly telepathic yourself the symptom of being a movie and a real life social network is what makes u telepathic, u are in no way controlling the telepathic part, they can read your mind but you cannot read theirs, but u can hear anything they say from anywhere in the world, i will be searching for ways to control it for the rest of my life.

Imma tell u this now, so u dont make the mistake i did, their is no way of blocking them while the movie is active, but u can focus your hearing to stop hearing them with sound and volume control, but its better to keep your mind busy so u dont hear them. try to stay away from weed until u are accustom to the lifestyle. it can make u really high, beyond what normal people would get. also i want you to test something, get an mp3/4 player and use headphones, blast the music to the fullest and u'll notice u can still hear them. they will sound like they are inside your head instead of outside. idk how that works and came at a deadend with my sound travel research. btw there are non telepathic ways the connected people can contact u other then talking to u, for instance, they can make the ground shake and u will be the only person to feel it other then high level martial artists with high level chi. they can also move you like speed up your metabolism and make certain parts of your body they want move.

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That sucks. I hope it gets controlled;)