A Faint Voice

One time on the way home from school, I was on the school bus and I was thinking about a certain song, the one that goes "a good old boy and a pretty little girl. Start all over in a pretty little world. Little bitty planet, little bitty dream. It's all part of a little bitty scheme." what's the name of that song? Anyway, I was thinking about that song and then I heard the voice of the guy sitting near me named Don. But I know he wasn't talking and I heard his voice. The only reason could be that I read his mind. It was not any real thing I heard, just his voice in my head mumbling. Thanks for taking the time to read my experience. :)
Archangelofdreams12 Archangelofdreams12
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1 Response May 28, 2012

The singer is Alan Jackson.

Thank you :)

You're welcome :o)