How Do I Block Un-wanted Thoughts From Other People?

A good friend of mine is having problems sleeping. He feel is it because he is feeling neighbors negative thoughts and this is what is waking him up.

Does anyone in this group have any advice on how he can combat this problem. Perhaps a way to train the brain to block this negative wipes?

Thanks much in advance
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6 Responses Aug 24, 2012

any better

Lay quiet for five minutes also ask good people watching through his eyes to put him down its awesome if they do feels like floating on a cloud but reciprocate by sending volunteers to help them if they get attacked also I am working on 5 projects to block telepathy with magnets and magnetic shielding message me for Intel.

Also they are coming to him meaning they come to his body and see through his eyes people like us who can see through others eyes can't keep people up even if we tried .

With a 6th sense, you need to learn how to control it. Don't let it run like a wild child.

He needs to relax and think about something else, try listening to classical music or any music when going to sleep.

I think it's a bad case of empathy. The power to feel another's emotions both positive and negative. It's a gift actually. I don't like it when it drags me down but I use it for the better when I can.

It may be worth him entering "gang stalking" into search to see if he recognises anything described there.Probably nothing to do with his problem,but worth finding out.