Found An Article About Telepathy: Telepathic Communication Really Is Possible!

I found this text very interesting and fun to read so I though I would share this with you :)

"It is widely known that human beings use only about 10% of their brains. The function of the remaining 90% remains shrouded in mystery to most of us.
Most of us are not aware of the fact that we are all born with the ability to communicate with our brains without the slightest usage of any other part of the body.
Most of us are raised to think and act like our elders. Our speech and behavior is patterned after what we learn from our adult role models. Since our parents didn?t know how to use their minds to reach and communicate with you, you never developed this skill either.
As a result these abilities faded into the background only to surface as those seemingly odd events such as knowing instantly when the telephone rings who is on the other end of the phone when it is ringing.
Is this gut feeling a form of clairvoyance? Did you just pick up on a subconscious telepathic call from the individual who is calling you?
Very often we will communicate with other individuals on a subconscious level during the daily events of our lifetime. You can train your mind to focus on consciously communicating too.
Human telepathy is an innate, natural ability that most humans have and most often remains dormant and untapped, never making its way to becoming a tool that we deliberately use in our every day lives. This does not mean that we never utilize this ability, though we may not use it consciously. In reality, this means that most people have no idea how to focus the mind to purposely communicate in this way.
Studies show that there is a frequency to our thought patterns much like radio waves and they are measurable. When you learn to control your thought frequencies and then direct them where you want you will begin learning how to communicate using mind power.
There are various means for improving you telepathic abilities.
*Trance state – The human mind is extremely receptive when it is in a trance like state. Most of us are capable of creating a trance like state thus making our minds highly receptive.
If you are honing your ability to communicate telepathically on your own, be sure to take some time to learn how to enter this trance-like state.
*Focus – The next thing is focus. Try to concentrate on a particular person who you wish to establish communication with. In a calm and peaceful environment sit down and try to send positive emotions to the person by using your mind. You don?t have to concentrate on a command. Just try to give out positive vibes.
*Belief. You must trust that the other individual is receiving your message. Remain open minded as you begin learning to develop your telepathic focus.
*End the Projection. Instead of allowing yourself to wander off to other thoughts, withdraw your thoughts within your mind and end the projection. There is a simple reason for this.
When you stop sending the positive vibrations the individual you were attempting to contact should experience the loss of your thoughts and will have a strong urge to re-establish communications with you. Do not be surprise when this individual reaches out to call you in the near future.
This practice of keeping your mind off other thoughts can be a very good way of learning to focus your mind. There are also other ways of learning it by making use of two people.
The method we have for you is quick and easy.
*Sender, Receiver. Figure out who will send the message and who will receive it. In this example we will suppose that you are the sender.
Have pen and paper on hand for the receiver to write down the impressions that they receive. Although the receiver may consider that they are dreaming things up to begin with when the sender is focusing on any simple object, be adamant about writing down all the impressions for later comparison.
*Visualization. Before beginning the sender should consider some prearranged clear image which is easier for the receiver to pick up on. Make sure to pick objects that are identifiable for most individuals. This might be a juicy orange, a red apple or yellow bananas for example. These are simple and direct images you can maintain and project when you focus and send.
*Transmitting your message – Close your eyes and imagine that your message is being actually received by the receiver. Imagine a thought tube between the two of you. It is a connection between you.
Once you have visualized the thought-tube, imagine yourself placing the chosen object in the tube. Follow it all the way from your end of the tube to the receiver?s end. Try to clearly and vividly imagine the object as it leaves your end of the tube and travels to the receiver.
Visualization is one of the most powerful ways of focusing your mind to send your message.
*End Transmission. When you have the sense that your thought-object has arrived at its destination, end the projection and let your mind go blank. This interruption in transmission is important in letting the receiver understand that the image has actually appeared. It also lets the receiver take a few moments to make note of the image that he saw.
*Receiver. It is important that the receiver remain relaxed and calm, as well as keep an open and willing mind. Openness to receive the images and impressions you send are crucial. The receiver should write down images as they come to mind.
All people receive such images when their minds are blank. The receiver will first think that he is imagining things, but recording first impressions is a must.
*Results. After you have ended your telepathic training session, the sender and receiver should compare notes of impressions and images were sent and received. You will notice that even minds with little or no experience in telepathic communication are able to receive and transmit nebulous images. Even though your results won?t be 100?% correct at first, some of the impressions should match up.
The results will get better and better with practice."

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