I Want It To Stop!

From the time of my mid-teens I have had this ability to sense people’s energy around me. As the years go by it is becoming more, and more unbearable for me to be around, and interact with other people. I either get a sense that is non-specific or a sense that is so strong my mind becomes wrapped in chaos, and my muscles tense up really bad. I can see the light in people. When their light is faint, it drains me to the point that I have to take a pill to calm down. It is especially worse if the person is behind me, it is as if they are sucking the life out of me, and I feel as though I am going to die from starvation.

About eight years ago I took massage courses, and had to drop out after the first quarter. If the person I touched was having issues like an upset stomach or emotional distress it would be inside of me following the message. For hours after I would do the massage I would be so high strung, and feel out of control.I am extremely sensitive to the weather, ALL weather. If I wake up in a totally black room with no window, I can feel the weather before I even look outside. If there is a storm blowing in with thunder, and lightening, I can’t sleep, I feel this “thing” hovering over my consciousness.Is there something wrong with me? Is there some way I can block all of the people who are out of control around me, so they stop draining me of my energy?Thank You,Sara Mae
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It's called empathy to feel the emotions of those around you. It's a gift we share, it's an advantage and disadvantage. But we should use it to help people and explore a world of phenomena as we can tap into another's emotion, to release them from pain and anguish, so far...I've been honing it.

Good luck with this.:)

I believe you are an empath of some kind

Your not telepathic anymore please be happy and well and ok.... but your are still an expanding psychic please believe me if you were telepathic and a psychic than you no my name and can always come to me for advice if you ask me questions-Nickolas Anthony Harmon a.k.a Satan Christ

yeah ... how can we stop this

I am partially like this but I am very sensitive to other peoples energy I always try to imagine a flame burning within and use it to project positive vibes to the world so maybe it will help them have a better day... your right alot of people are messed up emotionally... makes me sad... but I wouldnt know what you feel to that extreme... good luck!!!!!

I agree with you. I have this too, although not to the extent to which you describe. I can say I feel some of your pain, but surely nowhere near all of it.

Goddess read this stoey through me, and is looking into it. It is possible that somebody is picking on you......<br />
She has contacted yoo......<br />
She is talking to you and you are smiling........<br />
Goddess Amanda is going to help you.<br />
E the Yura - <br />
C Black

Maybe its how you make your presence known to people. Just by a very subtle way of carrying out yourself, you draw people to you without ever knowing why. I could give you one rule of advice that may help you. Try to medatate on and clear your mind and focus only on yourself and your desires that have to filled. With this technique you would only be focusing on the people you care most about and not be exhausted on random energy in your life. If your mind is in sync with your surrondings you will be a much more relaxed person.