Weather And Energy

I've had depression my whole life but i really havent thought about why. when it snows i do one of two things, on some snow days i feel a good energy and im happy but other days i feel a bad energy and i get depressed. the same goes about people. if i hang out with people with good feeling energys i feel really good, but if people have bad energys i feel depressed aswell. im only 18 and just started connecting these feelings with energies. is there some one who actually KNOWS about ora's and energy? is there some one that can tell me why i feel this way?

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3 Responses Mar 15, 2010

same story here ... ive been depressed my whole life .and i didint knew why ... i always knew i had a 6th sense .. im 24 ... like you today i was happy ..and for no reason around 12:00 @ job i started feeling really negative , and its 19:44 and im still madd !! just take a quick read on Retrocognitive, Precognitive, Intuitive ,Emotive Telepathy , you may also ...sorry not may but need to read about pineal gland ...wich is our third eye ... <br />
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i think evrybody have the ability , but not evryone can use it due to a lack of consciousness or interest ....i also think not evryone are open to 'receive' from " sender " ...but if "sender " persist the "receiver" might maybee "read the thought " personnaly ALOTS of things that brang me down , that i predicted few days, monts , year ..actually happened ... even I after all these ...i still dont know if its my instinct or whatever you can call it ,,, I still dont understand whats happening today..but sure ill let you folks know realllYY yet !<br />

I think without doubt you get life enhancing or life draining vibrations from people ...

u r really lucky that u can sense who is good n who is bad... i always believe in keeping myself away from negative things... but i cant find out who is wat:(