Tell It To Me Straight

I used to lie all the time. I honestly thought it was better to hide the truth. As I got older, I slowly realized that this wasn't the case. I would always get so upset and frustrated when people would lie to me. So, I vowed to always tell the truth. I slip up sometimes, but that's normal. Aside from those few slip ups, I almost always try to be honest with people. I've found this it's much better to be faced with the truth than to have the truth hidden with a lie. This is why I believe in telling the truth.
SavedByHim SavedByHim
18-21, F
1 Response May 10, 2012

It sets us free..... the truth, and I could not agree on you more about how we get disappointed every time we find out that someone just lied to us. Like they all say, don't do unto others what you don't what them do unto you.