Baptism Of The Holy Spirit

1. Spoke in other language.NOT gibberish taoish priest stye... changing experience..John Wesley,Charles spurgeon. Wong ming dao, John sung, Johnathan Edwards
3. Can happen again and again...ACTS , Peter, Paul
4. no matter what Christians say = to filled with the spirit.
5.Experience can be different for Christians and converted christians.  Christian from Christian home...feeling of warmth and reassurance..since they know jesus since young. Dramatic Non-christian conversion and experience  with speaking in tongue, demonic expression. Exuberance.Does not mean  more holy,.... ..only more attractive...People who speak in tongue can sin at the same time...since it is a GIFT not a beware...Also  presence of   false and learned tongues  can be  manifested! ALL truly baptised  by the Holy Spirit  exprerience PEACE and JOY .
6 Led to real fruit of the spirit, growth and humility and service.
7 led to a spirit controlled life...Walk by the spirit...shun immorality and build GODLY homes
8.Joy unspeakabe in face of difficulties and persecution.
Now i am v. sleepy...any more/ ha! Ha! Thank for your thoughts!
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Well I was born into a Christian family. My dad was Mennonite. My mom was Lutheran. My dad taught us how to read the Holy Bible, how to pray, how to worship, how to fellowship and I was born in the body of Christ. I have been baptized three times because they Holy Spirit opened up my heart to get baptized that much. I do not talk about my faith in God in public, so feel free to message me about it and we will talk. God bless you all forever.

Read my bible verses on the Holy Spirit in my stories.

I am 61 and when I was a young teenager I received the gift of "speaking in tongues".Yes it was indeed another language.I have had these experiences through the years.Many times "I have waken out of my sleep speaking in tongues".Always in Jesus name,amen.Hugs

In my opinion... you've written in TOO abbreviated a form. It's hard to follow because of all the '...' and partial sentences. I'd like to read what you have to say without having to work so hard. Sorry... I'm trying to help, though.