The Most Beautiful And Strongest People I Know

This was a request from TattooedMissez. I chose an experience for her to write in and she chose one in mine.

For some time now my oldest daughter has been volunteering at a ranch that offers therapy through horseback riding. A broad range of children receive therapy from children with PTSD from trauma, children that are physically handicapped, to children that are mentally handicapped. These children amaze me.


Some of these children with physical disorders spend most of their lives in surgery, yet they are filled with so much inner strength. It’s apparent in the way they don’t give up. No matter how difficult the task is, they keep trying. I’ve seen children that have never sat up in their life, sit up on a horse. Some of them struggle with the strength in their legs too much to maintain balance enough to not fall, yet they work up the strength in their legs to ride a horse. One can’t help but be inspired.


There are many of the mentally handicapped children there that have facial and body disfigurements. They spend their lives being stared at and made fun of by other children. People can be so cruel, yet a lot of these children do nothing but smile. They are so happy and oblivious to the cruelty that others offer them.


These children are considered imperfect, but there is such beauty in that imperfection. They are filled with an inner beauty and strength that stretches beyond what any non-handicapped person has. Sometimes I wonder who really has the handicap, us or them.


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I love the way you see imperfection..,I truly believe that, with all those imperfection they are most strongest and bravest among us. They are source of inspiration for all those who complains about their life on smaller issues.. The great thing about them is that they fight with it with a smile on their faces... Thanks for sharing such beautiful story

Doh! That should have said "resiliance"!

Blessings on your daughter- volunteering is a shrinking activity in our self centered world.<br />
My elder son (25) was a beneficiary of this programme in Australia.<br />
With physical effects of an early stroke (when 5) he enjoyed the strengthening and balance building effects of this programme.<br />
I agree with you about the cluelessness of some folk who have not the blessing of a child with problems. My son has shown great reisiance and persistence through bullying and depression and is now a peer support worker with a mental health qualification. His aim is to become a neuro psychologist to explore more about brain injury. I am in awe of his vision.

Thank you AT, the hard part as a parent is to encourage our kids but to try to not let the disabilities define who they are. It's hard when we are working hard to help them learn to overcome their difficulties, for them not to think of themselves first "as" that disability, and a person who "needs" fixing to be ok as a person.

Good for you for raising such an empathetic and socially-conscious daughter. I know of many stories of those with "disabilities" responding to animals. I heard a story of a man in a rehab facility who never uttered a word - not even to his own family. When someone came in with a therapy dog, however, he spoke! As far as these people are concerned, it reminds me of the following:<br />
<br />
"A diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble without imperfections." ~ Chinese Proverb

ggod story

There is an amazing artist, he has a different physique than what most of us do, he figured out ways to become mobile and to document his struggle through art....<br />
<br />
I think you would enjoy it... check out his photography <br />
<br />
<br />

Yes the 32,000 pictures, 1 stare exhibit... amazing isn't it!

This is a beautiful story. <br />
I have a daughter with Autism and I am aware of "riding therapy" to build upper body strength and coordination and balance and even to relieve anxiety and stress. (personally I believe that horses are magical creatures) but I really loved how you went into how gentle and loving people with disabilities tend to be, how they exude a peacefulness. <br />
I have always believed that to be true as, like you, I have witnessed it first hand. They certainly have a lot to teach us. <br />
I also believe that people who do not understand that are just fearful of that which they do not or cannot accept, that is, differences in other people; perhaps it is their own fear. I don't know, but I do know that their lack of an ability to learn to accept others really is a disability, as you said. <br />
I loved this story.

This is a beautiful story! I'm glad I chose this group so that I was able to learn this piece of your world. Amazing! Thanks hun! :)

Aww, it says soo much about your daughter for volunteering her time to work there... It says a lot about the mommy who raised her too....Awesome piece affinity, just beautiful...

Having raised such a daughter, I suggest that you've done well, and done a service for the world in the process.<br />
<br />
Animals can be such a wonderful therapeutic tool. They're so much less judgmental than we humans, and participating in these sorts of activities not only improves the physical, emotional and mental condition of the participants, but is also a reward unto itself. <br />
<br />

=) beautiful hun.