Imperfection Is Beautiful

No one is perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect person, if there was then things would not last. Yes we have our "perfect moments" but honestly they are not really perfect. But that is ok.

Life is made for us to make mistakes, but we learn from them. Every person is beautiful in their own being. No one else is like them. They are unique but not perfect. A day is never perfect nor is a night. There is always rain or too much sun.

We do not need perfection, one of my favourite quotes are "even an artists masterpiece is never complete" but the painting is beautiful. Perfection is like greed, too many want it. But why want perfection? You are who you are. No one should change to be "perfect".

The world can be at peace with no wars but it will never be perfect, in your own eyes something may be perfect, and thats alright. But deep down we know perfection is nothing. If we were perfect it would be a dull world. We are all our own people and unique.

So yes I believe in the beauty of imperfection. Because it is life, living in this imperfect world is what we do. For nothing is perfect and that makes life worth living, so know that you may not be perfect but you are beautifully imperfect.
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I like this article, is convincing!!

:) love your writing

I loved this post,well written with real meaning and I agree with you in almost all you have said.Thank you for sharing. :-)

i disagree people may be beautiful but imperfection isn't. i mean who wan'ts to be deformed or die from cancer? no one!!! who want's a world who's ozone layer is depleting or global warming is destroying everything. people live with imperfection because they have to not because they choose to. imperfection causes pain and sadness and death. you don't pray for imperfection no one doe's who is sane. and i do not think people would be sad to born perfect or to find it later in life. i never heard anybody say oh it's perfect and then cry unless they were weeping at it's beauty. if you believe in a after life then you know that imperfection will someday be obsolete and i wouldn't have it any other way. it's just my belief and yes i want to be perfect so that i can happy with it. it would never get boring or dull. we find sport to challenge us and loosing occasionally is as close to imperfection as i ever want to get. it's just the way of it. buy it you will feel better.

Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions

For someone who rants about wanting perfection, you sure do have a bad case of imperfect grammer and a lack of basic vocabulary and spelling skills. I HAVE AN IDEA! Go start a group called "I'm a perfectionist" write a story in THAT group about how you feel...then we'll come write hateful comments to you about your opinion. THEN, you take the whole damn thing and shove it up your *** and go **** out some perfect turds. I hope you have a blessed day asshat. Oh, I'm still waiting to put my car in the shop so I can think about you ;)

lmao THANKS!!!!!

I've got your back ;) don't let one imperfect a**hole ruin your beautiful thought

I won't I like what I write!

okay super star you are entitled to your opinion as am i. i can't apologize for my opinionm but i will thank you for allowing to express mine. i am deeply sorry if opinion's conflict. it is an imperfect world and in it there is plenty of roam for mishap's. maybe we could agree to disagree and leave at that. signed one opinionated man.

hmm... i remember calling someone an *** hat but can not find my message. i thought i would apologize for being so hmm... harsh in my answer and had thought to do so before you replied so, i will apologize for that. as far as this rant about imperfect grammer i surely don't know what you mean im sure my writing was good enough. i hurt your feeling and i'm sorry (pat's you on the head and give's you a hug). i must have been in a bad mood. anyway... i stand strong on my idea's of imperfection and and will continue to argue the point. as far as driving down to confront me i would give up the idea. my life isn't that perfect and wasting your time to hurt me would only be in vain. my life suck's... i really enjoy the people on here and being to put my opinion's down in word's in so, forgive me ossory. truely i apologize. and in the future i will choose my word's more carefully. signed one lonely soul in the world.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. That's the beauty of it...that doesn't mean you have to be a jerk and force it on everyone. And I'm no superstar...just defending a friend

gotcha ossory. i promise to be a gentlemen in the future. (hand's you a jelly bean) thank's for keeping me in check.

Passive cute...I think you know where you can put that jelly bean. You have nothing to prove or earn from me

Oh lord lol

yeah okay.. i'm done...

well excuuuuse meeee...
sorry about our conflict. i still believe the way i believe though but i think we would be better friend's than enemie's. just saying. so why don't we start again. it's nice to meet you and i love your opinion though it may differ from mine. (pull's a potato out of my hat)... did you want this ?

...I'm not sure if you mean what I think you do with your potato offering...but that is a racist joke...I'm Irish... Also I'm not sure that I want to be your friend. Like I said you have nothing to prove to me

people what is perfection???? as to say what is imperfection?. What if you realized that you are perfect already? would that change things? Think about it. What is perfection?

People not eaple lol.

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Well said :)



I LOVE THIS. Searching for perfection is like being greedy in a sense.

But the eye of the beholder may be changed so that there is perfection in imprefection

the perfection about a person is that she/he is not perfect. And the perfection and beauty is always in the eye of the beholder

I'm sure many would agree with your story and I'm one of them :)


If more would feel this way wow! We'd be living in a different world <3


love it and the message is perfect :)


actually it suck's and is full of hole's

see it however you like

The only hole I see is you being an a-hole luvless1


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One of my favorite philosophies: without the darkness light cannot exist, chaos and imperfection have their place and purpose. We would cease to exist otherwise.


don't be stupid... of course light can exist without darkness darkness can exist with out light it's a fact and imperfection does belong in my existence you are a fool to think it doe's. geez where do you people come from some demented world where thing's are so twisted the perversion is the norm? how horrible. the next time you have your car worked on tell them it doesn't have to be perfect then pay them for it... asshat!!!

Ahhhh another victim of mental disfunction I see...if you will the BEGINNING (that means start) of my my comment (the statement I posted) I clearly state, "One of my favorite philosophies." (This means, I read it and found it interesting...doesn't mean it is my personal outlook on life...dur...). Oh and btw SHUT THE **** UP YOU ANNOYING *****! How dare you attack someone for no ******* reason other than you don't agree. For someone who claims that they "hate discrimination" I find this REALLY shocking. It would be similar to someone saying that they like the movie "The Little Mermaid" and then you, the true asshat, state that they are a fool because flounders are not blue and yellow and mermaids have to come up to breathe...not to mention, crabs don't like singing that much. As my dear friend George Takei once put so elegantly, "You sir, are a douchbag." Now have a nice day and next time I'm getting my car worked on I'll think of you