They Know Me Better Than I Do

Im running through the forest...I feel the twigs snap under my soft human feet as i take in my surroundings, to my left is a small meadow with a huge raspberry thicket and some weeping willow trees..As i reach to grab a raspberry my finger gets pricked.. I hear a growl so i snap my head looking in the direction the noise came from...A large black wolf stares back at me..His scent is familiar but i know i do not know him..I think about running but decide he would only see it as a challenge...I back up against a weeping willow and whimper as he takes another step closer..then another...I gasp as he licks my cheak and yell, "dont touch me, you, you thing!" Thats when he changed, his body getting smaller and his fur turning to soft muscular tan skin...I recognize his face as those of my best friend, Matoskah...I run my finger through my long dark brown hair and take his appearance in!My golden brown eyes widen as i see that he is naked and i cover my eyes...His eyes rake over my body taken my more matured body in..."Wow you have grown. I havent seen you in forever!"
I yell back, "Get away from me until you're fully dressed..then u explain to me what the hell is goin on!" I take off my black shirt and hand it to him so he can cover his manhood...And stand there only in my bra and white summer shorts...I part my full pink lips and look at him through my thick black eyelashes..Dreading what his explaination would be
Kelita1 Kelita1
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012