For Now He Carries Me

I was not raised in a home filled with faith. We kids were taught a tiny bit ABOUT scripture. And occasionally we would attend a church service. Just enough that I knew a man named Jesus died a horrific death on a cross and that in doing so He paid the price for mankind's sins. Period. Oh yes, and that Christmas was the celebration of His birth.
That was when I was a young kid. By the time I was married my own mother was involved in the occult.
Talk about confusion.
It was my children's babysitter that introduced me to Jesus. She and her husband invited me to church every weekend for FIVE YEARS. Then, one weekend, I went.
My life has never been the same. I have never been the same. Life now makes sense and I feel peaceful, instead of feeling of full of terror and confusion.
But, I still don't believe I am capable of walking with my Lord. You see, I fall down a lot. And I do mean A LOT.
So, here I am, a big grown woman, still needing carried most of the time.
(I'm hoping maybe this year I can qualify for a little kiddie walker or something.)
thornyasarose thornyasarose
46-50, F
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well done miss rose.<br />
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