I Shall Be Your Guide Through This

This is for those who believe that the spawn of all things, was not neat and balanced, but an all out war.

Ankra, Totra, Delta, Aeria, Glaciera, Fieria, Dibla, Sacreda.

Torrents of Seas
The Power of Electricity
The Anger of Earth
The Swirling, Tearing Winds
The Chill and Freezing Power of Glaciers
The Raging Strength of Flames
The Hearts of Evil
The Blinding Power Of The Purest Light

Light (Holy)

Water versus Ampere
Earth versus Wind
Ice versus Fire
Darkness versus Light- The oldest war of all
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

You know a lot I meet many elementals but most don't know about darkness and light have you had visions of them

I have visions of these things all the time. Too often, to live normally, and like an imbecile.

Interesting. Tell me more!

I think I could explain it a lot better, in person. I lost a lot of my racing thoughts as I typed this (way too many trains of thought at once-lol-ol-ol) so it's not complete. But it's good enough, for now.