I'm Not Superstitious, But a Few People In My Family Believe

in the evil eye- but it's called something different in urdu, I think it's "nazser".  I do think it's important to be weary of people that are jealous of you though, because jealousy spawns negative thoughts and negative energy.  Maybe that is the same thing as believing in the evil eye.  I really dislike people that wish bad things to happen to others because they are jealous.  I think that is a very ugly side of human beings.  It happens so often though.  People cannot stand to be happy for or send good thoughts to others because they are so miserable.  These kind of people scare me, and I can spot them pretty easily.  

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1 Response Mar 8, 2008

It sounds as if you think some people are jealous of you. If they're a negative force in your life, you should cut them out. If they're family or have been close friends in the past, you should keep your door open, though, in case they're ready to come back. And you should also examine if maybe they're not angry because they're jealous, but because you've changed with whatever success you've achieved that makes you think other people envy you.