I Believe..

I believe in the good of the human spirit, more than ever.  Sometimes we just have to reach out for it to be seen.  Recently, some of my friends here on EP, started a campaign for me on the internet. (Twitter, facebook, EP, & myspace)  The response has been absolutely amazing.  I have received so much support from people all over the world that are helping me finish my college degree, and share my story with the world..which is my dream. 

Dont ever give up on mankind..it is amazing.  I am truly blessed.  The main point I want to get across with this story is to tell everyone that has supported me throughout this unpredictable journey of life, thank you!!  Thank you isnt even enough.  I have started to update my blog on my site frequently now, to show you all what you are helping me to do. 

 http://tinyurl.com/d8vyjz  This is the link to my website!

"Anything's Possible" 


UnperfectAngel UnperfectAngel
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4 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Well. Lucky you. Goodness of human spirit? Tell that to the man who's mother in law died because a police officer pulled him over in the parking lot of a hospital to give him an unwarranted traffic ticket and threatened to arrest him and had pulled his gun out on him. Or the multitude of pedophiles in this world.<br />
<br />
That goodness of human spirit you speak of isn't a common thing. You experienced a coming together of a few people but there are plenty of horror stories about "people" in general. More bad than good any day.

Just beautiful ,lovely little girl .. hugs..both of u..

I am blessed to have all of you as well..truly blessed! &hearts;Angel

We are blessed to have you as a friend.