Great Physician

Back in 1993, I contracted a form of arthritis in my upper back and neck which was extremely painful.  It was so bad that the bones in my back and neck would make clicking noises when ever I moved.  Moreover, when I tried to sleep at night the pain was so intense I could only sleep thirty minutes at a time.  There were even times when I tried to relieve the pain myself, that I ended up paralyzed.  I started to get very depressed about my health.  I wanted to seek God about being healed, but some other Christians had told me that I could not be healed.  Then on t.v. I heard a pastor say that you can be healed of anything.  Now, I was confused.  I said,  "Lord which is the truth?  Can I be healed or not?".  He said to me, "I will heal you".  From that day forward the Lord started teaching me how to get in His Presence.  When I started to get in His Presence, I felt my disease being lifted off of me and sometimes I could not tell it was there.  I have gradually increase in my healing from that day since.  All praise and glory be to God.  Amen!!!!!

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Apon enterring the doctor's office I work in, everyone is greeted by a hanging fr<x>ame that says: By Whatever Means Healing Comes, Its Source Is God.