I Believe In The Power Of Holy Spirit

The other week, my Theology professor is discussing about the Holy Spirit, in how God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are one. Our topic went to the Holy Spirit, she told us that if you are tempted by bad spirits or bad thoughts, just pray to the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit will make those bad thoughts/spirits go away. I thought it was just a saying of over-religious people or any Theology professors would tell us just to pray everyday. As a Christian, I do pray but only when I'm about to sleep I to go to sleep, I pray to God and Jesus (only), thanking for the day and for the safety of my love ones, and wish a wonderful day the next day.

My Theology professor even told us that if you pass by a beggar and can't give money or food, just pray for him/her to the Holy Spirit and blessings will come to him/her and to you. Because you gave him your attention, the Holy Spirit will repay our kindness with love or happiness.

I give money to the beggars I passed by and when sometimes I can't or don't give, I pray for them to the Holy Spirit. And when I feel tempted to do bad things, I still pray to the Holy Spirit. And I think the temptations go away, its like I never even thought of saying or doing it. I feel very relieved that the Holy Spirit really made the bad thought go away. =)

I never expected that the Holy Spirit really is just right beside us and waiting for us to talk to him. Believe me people, the Holy Spirit is really powerful, (but God is still the most powerful of course), just pray to him and he'll give you happiness and love. =)

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Well I was born into a Christian family. My dad was Mennonite. My mom was Lutheran. My dad taught us how to read the Holy Bible, how to pray, how to worship, how to fellowship and I was born in the body of Christ. I have been baptized three times because they Holy Spirit opened up my heart to get baptized that much. I do not talk about my faith in God in public, so feel free to message me about it and we will talk. God bless you all forever.

Read my bible verses on the Holy Spirit in my stories.

I know about that, even kids ask money on me whenever we crossed paths, and I do know that they spend it on drugs. So I give them food instead. I only give money to those who are really are, you know, sick and weak and very old. Though thanks, still. :)

That is good. Be careful about giving money to beggars all the time. Why? Sometimes if they say they are hungry or they need it for something else they will spend it on drugs. Discernment. So the past few times we actually bought their food.