Abraham-hicks....not So Much...

Yes I absolutely believe in Law of attraction.  I took several classes offered here to study the Abraham material written by Esther and Jerry Hicks. 
I have watched every youtube video I could find, and cd's of Abraham-hicks. 
I was fine and really enjoyed their teaching until a physicist asked about the string theory.  And Abraham had no idea what it was.  If Esther is channeling Abraham who is directly from Source...then It should've have known what the string theory is.  I am no scholar, or a college student or a physicist and I know what the string theory is. 
I think they have good methods of teaching LOA, and I really like the example of the river, upstream and downstream.  But as far as Esther channeling directly to Source....i call it BS. 

My fav LOA teacher though I have to say is Sandra Ann Taylor.  Her books are amazing and when I re read her books, I attract things I want so fast its amazing!!  I wish I could find classes and i wish she traveled around like Abraham-Hicks.  I highly recommend Sandra Ann taylor to anyone who believes in LOA. 
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Be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. There are many peculiarities of channeling that most people are not aware of. One, for instance, is that a channeler does not have access to omniscience. Just because they are channeling a higher vibrational entity doesn't mean they could perform complex mathematical computations or speak another language. Their is a translation process going on where a level of intuition is being filtered through a human ego (the channeler) and this "raw knowingness" we might call it is then translated down to the closest english word equivalent that could be found in the channelers mind/vocabulary. The beings being channeled are usually limited to the vocabulary of the host. They have to work with the existing patterning in the brain.

Very good point.

The point is when one is happy, well-reasoned about who they are are and what is happening, open to experiences, and possesses a strong sense which knows what amazement life is headed for when they use a bit of mental awareness and self-discipline, good things happen. There's nothing supernatural about that. I find Jerry and Esther Hicks to be very insightful and good for reminders about what optimism and a proper mindset can offer in life. Always remember, It's miscreation to nitpick. Find what resonates well with your sense of the world and ignore the rest.

I think your right on Michiness!<br />
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There's so much "fluff and filler" our there I keep saying, "where's the beef?"<br />
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This is when I got together and started to purchase everything under the sun on law of attraction, hypnosis, brainwave reprogramming, brainwave frequency, NLP, etc with a serious group of instructors and life coaches...before the term "life coach" was even used.<br />
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I just posted a quick analysis on the forum about WHY law of attraction DOESN'T work.<br />
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I enjoy their teachings as well, and I always listen to the cds when I start to feel I need to focus again, but that is interesting, however, perhaps Abraham know of the string theory as something else but then are they suppose to know any and everything about humans and our progress? Another thing I wonder can Abraham speak different languages. But thank you for sharing because I have always been skeptical, but then again I am able to understand their teachings so I keep listening..lol

basically in a super brief explanation is that physicist believe or are trying to prove everything is made up of these tiny tiny tiny strings. energy, and all matters....made up of these tiny little strings. They are trying to prove this theory but its rather difficult.....and yeah so this guy asked about it at an abraham seminar thing and Esther had no idea what it was.