I Want To Change My Life

Hola! I don't know much about the Law of Attraction but a friend of mine is practicing it, and I would love to give it a try. I would love to know how to start and how do I attract things in my way
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1 Response Oct 22, 2010

Any words you speak have a frequency, and the moment you speak them they are released into the Universe. The law of attraction responds to all frequencies, and so it is also responding to the words that you speak. When you use very strong words, such as "terrible", "shocking" and "horrible" to describe any situation in your life, you are sending out an equally strong frequency, and the law of attraction must respond by bringing that frequency back to you.<br />
The law is impersonal, and simply matches your frequency. Do you see how important it is for you to speak strongly about what you want, and not to use strong words about what you don't want?