Thoughts Become Things

after reading this book it just made me think of a lot of things while reading it I couldn't stop smiling and come up with my own conclusions on how to work on the law of attraction after a while coming from work I set in the sofa and start to think about the past and all the things I wanted many years ago and I have it today something that I wished for a long time and now that I have it I was appreciating it and thankful for everything I have of course I do believe it takes time is not something that comes like magic you got to put a lil efford too
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Its a law that works when you know how it works and why it works, i have successfully used it and to be honest the effort you put into it is 99% is of the mind!

I still haven't analyzed yet exactly how it works but ... I know it works.

I could lay it out exactly how it works because i have evidence in real life experience :)

hmmm, that will be interesting to read. But who knows, it may work differently for everybody ... I think.
it takes time for me but it shows later on, exactly how I wanted it.

One thing about this is it applies to everyone, like gravity, its what you do with it, but in fact you use this law every day all the time, its about funneling it in your life to your benefit.

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@ Caps.... I will check on that <br />
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@ charmerende there's so many ways <br />
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@ sye... I believe that

the book has so many names I read The Secret but I have heard of The Source and so on they all talk about the same thing yes it is a good book thanks

I think its true but the book and the film gave me the creeps a little ..I think it is best to focus on being rather than having .. and never leave God out.

We manifested from thought... I appreciate positive thinking but some of it leaves God out of the equation and I can't dig that...