Time For A Change

I lost the best thing in my life not quite a year ago. The love of my life ended things with me because we were fighting too much. We decided to stay friends, and we still live together, though she's moved to a different room.

I decided that enough was enough, and I was going to change the way I had been. I felt as though I was a monster, I often provoked our negativity because I let my emotions consume me on a regular basis. 
I decided that I was going to stay positive, and get the help I needed, and made a long list of things I wanted to improve in my life. But mainly, I wanted to win her back through all my positive changes.
Well, one day after deciding all of things, and putting things in motion, we went book shopping. She mentioned the Secret to me, saying a friend had just read it and loved it. She gave me a bried synopsis of what it was supposed to be about, so I decided to read it. However, I didn't have the money on me at the time, so I figured I'd wait. But I was determined to get this book, because it sounded like a perfect parallel to the exact thoughts I was thinking.
The next day, my coworker brought it in to me, saying that with everything I had spoken about, it sounded like something that could really influence my positive thinking.
The same day, I received an additional $200 from my boss as a bonus and for missed payments that I didn't even know I'd be receiving.
I've focused every bit of my mind on my positivity, of winning back my love and having an abundance of love throughout the little family we had created.
I set a goal date, and focused on it, to be able to better see my progress.

Everything seems to be going magnificently; we spend entire days together with no fighting. However she's still not mine.
I have the utmost confidence and belief that things will work out, but sometimes it becomes difficult to keep me head up at times. I can normally snap out of it, but it takes a little bit, and I'm afraid that these times will influence the manifestation.
Is there anything I can do?
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1 Response Jan 23, 2011

Keep up visualizing the life you want, it'll feel like a lie at first but behave like you wish you would behave and do it repetitively until that is what is normal for you and the old behavior is a small dot in your history. As for the times when it's hard to hold your head up, that's old habits dying hard, that old spirit in you got some kind of payoff that it doesn't want to let go of. Whatever action gets repeated the most is going to come out dominate in the end. When those outgrown negative beliefs arise, examine them good, don't buy into them but examine the erroneous beliefs from which they grew. Once you've identified them as old bad habits and that's all it gets easier and easier to spot them and brush them away. Only what you believe can affect you.