The Law Of Attraction Is A Simple Truth.

Wikipedia states that "The Law of Attraction is a metaphysical New Thought belief that 'like attracts like', that positive and negative thinking bring about positive and negative physical results, respectively."

Most people believe that the harder they affirm their positive thoughts, the most likely they are to receive their intended rewards. Often times, simply the act of forcing oneself to not think negatively brings negativity, regardless of if one wants it or not. This way of thinking is contrary to the Law of Attraction.

My thought on this is rather the opposite. Instead of forcing your will on the universe, simply BE. Put out good to the universe-- help your neighbors and friends, be kind to strangers and those you know, and show love to everyone around you-- and you will receive good in kind.
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be careful with this LOA. when u go norm, things are calm. soon as you start using that LOA, expect bad reactions inside u to kick back. and then expect f...g annoying things to happen. it's like starting to drive a car or bycicle a first time. bumping around. hopefully, if kept training things will happen for better.

I don't really practice with anything at all, truth be told. I just have a deep Knowing in my heart and mind that things will go right for myself, my husband, and my family...and it's through that that I see how much staying positive has made my life better.

what if looking at your desire with your chakra eye? constantly.

I appreciated your story. I totally agree that most people do believe they just need to do those affirmations, whether they are truly feeling it or not. They really only do help if your in a good place and what your affirming you believe or know to be true.<br />
I think the book "The Secret" kind of mixed people up about that because they actually left out the SECRET which is we are vibrational and we attract to us by how we are vibrating. Words alone cannot attract, it is how one feels and thinks. So you have made a very good point.<br />
I also think your way is a good way rather than forcing, praying, begging or demanding the Universe to bring to you what you desire. We ask by living our life experience and then do what we can to feel good and be happy and our desires will come.<br />
It is also good for one to know if your feeling negative emotions you are not aligning with all that you you must do your best to get happy, find ways to be joyful and always do your best to think better feeling thoughts.<br />
Thanks for sharing!

You're quite welcome! Thank you for adding your perspective!