Help Please!

i want to be loved by my special someone :)
i keep on thinking about her but i see no response :(
so ive decided to ignore my feelings

am sorry am being negative but i dont know any other way :(

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4 Responses May 7, 2012

First thing u have to understand.. u cannot change another person.. u may tryto influence them into doing something.. but the choice is theirs to make..<br />
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Stop looking for your happiness in someone else .. look for the happy place inside u.

SapphireLight is right. LOA doesn't operate "against free will". If you are passionate enough and are SURE ENOUGH that what you want is possible, LOA can persuade free will. I've seen it happen over and over and over and over.<br />
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Just because SapphireLight doesn't think it is possible, doesn't mean that it isn't. I know this from personal experience.<br />
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GailG3 is right to tell you that focusing on what PERFECT LOVE feels like is where you should focus your energy and passion. Let it engulf your heart and your mind. DON'T get hung up on one person. Don't despair if you don't get the love you need from the person you think should be giving it. <br />
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SapphireLight is right to tell you that you have to love YOU first before you will attract the love you need from someone else.<br />
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Keep it generic and the ideal lover will emerge. It may be your special someone, but, as GailG3 put it, it may be someone you don't even know yet.

The trick is to <br />
<br />
1> Visualize yourself with her.<br />
2> Be THANKFUL that you already have her (even though you don't.)<br />
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Until you do these two things with much passion, your desire will never happen. I discovered my own desires were not materializing and realized it was because I was leaving these two things out. Once I did this, my desires began to materialize.

If you would stop focusing on that special someone, and start focusing on what it feels like to be loved, someone better and more suited to you can then enter. Perhaps your special someone will recognize you, and embrace the attraction, but you should not be using your power to get her to do your bidding. You should use your power to get you to open your life to possibilities that YOU want.<br />
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You do that by being what you want to be (already loved).