Law Of Attraction

i have had some amazing examples in learning thru the law of attraction and it is a tremendous feeling to be in that place my biggest setback is that i haven't learned how to stay in the place where miracles are made. i have CFS and it is hard to keep up the energy physically and spiritually if any one knows how to substain the energy let me know
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Hi Charlee! One thing I know for sure about any issues with the physical body there is some kind of resistance you are holding. Can you think about that and maybe realize on any aspects of your life experience where you are holding negative emotions, memories, thoughts? I know from my own experience in regaining the wellness of my physical body I had to go through processes to release a lot of negative thoughts and feelings. Many were from very bad negative experiences from my past. As I took the steps to release those contrasting thoughts and feelings, I literally experienced improvements in my health. It was also a big help to get a special notebook and I always decorate mine in some way and I use it to write about all the things I appreciate on any given day. Do rampages of appreciation which gets easier and easier and the more you appreciate you will soon note you will have more coming to appreciate.<br />
I hope this helps. It really made a huge difference in my health. Here is a true statement that always helped me. There is a Stream of Well-Being that flows to you and through you unless you are feeling/thinking/ harboring any negative. All the brilliant cells in your body are connected to Source and know exactly how to maintain balance in your physical body But when we are thinking or feeling negatively we are blocking them from doing their work. All my best to you ♥

thanks for these thoughts.

keeping the spiritual energy level up will in return help the physical side too. ... Vit B and C are very important. ..epsom salt baths a couple of times a week will help greatly!!