The Law Of Attraction Has Always Been At Work In Our Lives

The Law of Attraction was introduced to me through a former employer who gave me a copy of the book, "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne.  I was skeptical at first until I realized that this "Law" had been at work in my life ever since I was a small child.

LOA brings into your life whatever you think about most.  If you think about your bills, you just get more bills.  If you think about your poverty, you'll just attract more poverty.  I took this to heart and started thinking about money.  I switched my thinking from "Money is hard to come by" to "Money comes quickly and easily."  THIS WORKS PEOPLE.  However, there are a couple of things you have to do besides just "think" about it.  You have to VISUALIZE yourself already having all the money you need.  You have to BE THANKFUL for all the money you need as if you ALREADY HAVE IT and then.  It COMES!  My earlier attempts at attracting money were fruitless because I didn't do these two additional things.  I didn't visualize it.  I didn't GIVE THANKS for it.  I guess the hardest thing for me is to give thanks for something before I actually have it, BUT THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP.

I am making it my life's mission to help anyone and everyone to make the Law of Attraction WORK for them.  I do not charge people for this information.  I am not sharing my experience to 'get rich'.  I just want to help other people realize what I have.  That the LOA works for every person, every time.
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Thanks a lot for this story, it's helped me a lot to believe in the LOA! I appreciate it =)

I came across "feeling is the secret." It's thinking about what you want, and how you would feel if you had it. I tried this the other day. My feelings became as though I already had the love I desire, and it felt wonderful. It calmed me, and the hurt went away. The thing is, it takes great effort to do this, when you feel so depressed. I could only keep the feeling for a short time, before the pain hit me again. However, it proves that changing your feelings is possible, and I believe that if you feel as though you have your dream, it will become reality. Gratitude is also important, like you said.

Like anything.... it takes practice. If you can do it for a few moments — really do it — then you can maintain it even longer.

Besides. A positive thought is 100 times more powerful than a negative one. You keep doing it. If nothing else, to escape your pain for a few minutes, hours, days... Do it as long as you can each time you try.

You are right about the positive thoughts being powerful. Today, every time I had a negative thought (or one that I became aware of) I immediately turned it around into a positive one. I did this all day, and you know, it really made a difference to how I felt and of course, if you feel better, you will behave more smiling at people...and then of course....people respond to you in a different way. It says to try that "feeling" every night before sleep, so I will start that way...with just 5-minutes...and try to increase as time goes by. Keep up the good work.

I could definitely do better with LOA myself. Right now I'm using epidote, which is a type of crystal. It increases the energies of whatever it is near.

Don't worry... it will come to you if you keep you mind immersed in the teachings of those who 'get it'.

I personally had to watch "The Secret" about a dozen times over the course of about 5 years before I truly 'got it.'

I love your story! Isn't it amazing to learn just how powerful our thoughts and feelings truly are. It is life changing for anyone that totally gets this. Always happy to read when someone shares how they just changed the way they were thinking and it changes their experience. I love helping others too. I love Law of Attraction so much that my greatest desire is to teach it. Sounds like you may be heading in that area too?<br />
<br />
All my best you you!!

It has been life changing. The real tragedy here, as I see it, is that people will continue to make excuses instead of being GRATEFUL and VISUALIZING their perfect life the way they've always dreamed of it being.

It is not enough to DREAM IT. You have to LIVE IT through visualization. That's the KEY.

I agree! I think because it is pretty simple and people think something that easy cannot be true. I am thinking that is why we were created with an we can visualize our desires..and as we do with positive emotions we are creating it.