You Must, Must, Must Love Yourself.

Many people desire to be loved and to love.  Many have tried to harness the Law of Attraction to manifest love in their own lives.

Where most people fail is that they don't have a healthy self-worth or appreciation of themselves.  I'm not talking about vanity or conceit.  I'm talking about a healthy appreciation of yourself.

We all have our faults.  We all have our weaknesses.  Yet we are all AMAZING PEOPLE in our own special ways.

If you want to attract love in your life, you have to start by loving the amazing person that is YOU.

Meditate on all the things that you DO love about yourself.  The more love you have for yourself the more love you will attract from those whom you wished loved you more.
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I like your writing, completely true. Thanks for sharing :)

This is so true. Until you learn to value yourself, nobody else will. Looking for external validation can become a self-consuming obsession that never satiates the true need - to be comfortable with yourself, your limitations and your abilities. Once you figure out that you are worthwhile and deserving of good things, everything falls into place. <br />
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I personally have learned to love myself. Key to my reckoning was realizing that, honestly, I don't need anyone in my life. The love I sought from others was nothing more than a misplaced yearning for something from an inappropriate source; like pica for the heart, like a cat eating litter or a dog eating rocks. No matter how many rocks Fido eats, his need for some vitamin or mineral would not be satiated. It comes down to finding what you need and doing that means becoming very, brutally, honest with yourself. When you take honest stock of who you are and embrace it and find ways to improve yourself, and find that you can do so with no real limitations but those you foist on yourself, really, what's the point of love? What's the point of intimacy but to satisfy societal expectations and more destructive external factors?<br />
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Thanks for writing this dude, and thanks for sharing it with the community.

I love your story and the truthfulness of it...a good peice to drift of to sleep to...thanks! Dreamer Jeanie

I love your story and the truthfulness of it...a good peice to drift of to sleep to...thanks! Dreamer Jeanie

Thank you this what I needed to read. I truly want to love myself. I have always thought if this person. Is in my life I will feel that love for myself. I found out that not true. So I'm honestly doing the work on me now. It only took 47 years and many broken relationships. But I got the message now. Thank you