Unfolding Life

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr once said... "Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step."

Jack Canfield talked about trusting the Universe. Trust and believe with all your being, and have faith! From one thought, we can manifest what we want! ... from invisible into the visible.
He tells a picture story...
Think of a car driving through the night. The headlights only go a hundred to two hundred feet forward, and you can make it all the way from California to New York driving through the dark, because all you have to see is the next two hundred feet. And that's how life tends to unfold before us. If we just trust the next two hundred feet will unfold after that, and the next two hundred feet will unfold after that, your life will keep unfolding. And it will eventually get you to the destination of whatever it is you truly want, because you want it.
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I need constant reminders and thanks for your post to remind me this again since I was feeling out of track of this LOA.Thanks once again to share this.:-)

You are welcome anya1212. *smile* Sometimes I get so caught up in working for a long term goal... I end up ignoring the present day. So, I don't look too far ahead. Thank you for your comment.

Thank you MB I feel infused with new energy.

Hello Ruby. Nice to see you, I hope all is well in your world. ...Yes, the energy is there to tap into. With the right thought, will and attitude... folks can be unstoppable. Thanks hon, you take care...oh..Happy Spring!

Sounds good

it takes much faith, postive thinking and trying not to think harm on yourself nor others. i have witness the miracles of the Law of Attraction.

Thanks for the reminder.

thanks for that! it's a good reminder for myself. *smile* take care

Excellent Message

one that i needed to reread myself. hmm thank you

Love this...I attracted a soulmate and recently we broke up because of fear and being foggy minded. so i am manifesting again and i hope it returns him to me again. but first i have to wait and see what the universe does with his new relationship. i know deep down inside he loves me and will always love me. i am keeping my chin up and trying to enjoy life.

i know you replied a few months ago... sorry.. no computer connection...anyways.. hope all is well and you are still enjoying life... life sure can be a challenge at times.. hell.. most of the time, take care

I loved the headlight analogy. I like the idea of unfolding. Very profound. <br />
This story helped me today. Thank you.

I liked this too as i was reading it. It helped me too. Sometime just a few feet is enough to look at, moment to moment... No fear..they say... and of course i carry alot of faith. Have a blessed weekend Quintesse!

Our faith can be like the high beams we employ when things get foggy. You too, have fun.

So true. Thanks for the encouragement--can never get enough of it!

With all my being i believe in the law of attraction!! I trust my Universe to help me, and it always shows me where to go and how to get there. Yup... We all need encouragement! Take care, Thank you.

I love this. I've spent my whole life seeing just 200 feet ahead; the few times I've granted more, I panicked. So I'm grateful for that short-range vision; it saves me from freaking out over too many possibilities. <br />
<br />
Thank you so much for sharing!

wow... I know all about panic! you wouldn't want to see me when i get dazed and confused at times as i travel this path. But i know, deep down that it will always lead me to where i need to be. The Universe has blessed me recently, which in return builds my strength even more. ...lol.. but the Universe is pretty much the only one that sees my panic state of mind...... then it cradles me till i regain my self-esteem. ; ) Take care and many blessings to ya!