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Ok I will probably sound like an advertisement right now...BUT I feel the Law of Attraction really works. 1 year ago I was feeling bored, sad, lonely, mad, not satisfied and unhappy with just about all aspects of my life. I made up my mind that I wanted to change my life. I began reading a lot. I soon realized and began to learn that I needed to change my mentality and attitude about many things. I realized that I was focusing too much on the negative...what I didn't have...what made me unhappy etc... So I started to focus on how I was going to change my life and then became proactive, went out and did it. I wanted to have more fun, get in shape, make more money, make more friends, be happy. So I did all of that. Instead of moping around complaining about what I didn't like or how life sucked...I started making a plan of how I was going to achieve the things I wanted. I enrolled myself back in school, joined a dance and meetup group and started taking dance classes, started running, stepped it up at work, started doing things I've always wanted to do...I created a bucket list and have been working on doing the things on that list. I have adopted a new way of thinking. And since I have done has improved drastically. 1 year later I have made really nice friends, having a ton of fun, got in better shape, got a raise at work, got a new car, in a new relationship, and I feel happy. I know now that what ever comes into my life...whatever I have and dont have...if I'm happy or not...its all up to me. Whatever I Believe and ask for I Receive. The mind is powerful so we need to be careful about what  we think about and focus our energy on.
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Did you read The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincint Peale ? That's what you sound like awesome!

No but I'll look for it and read it. I've read other similar books. I love reading books like this...inspirational, positive, self help, about mind power. Thanks for the suggestion :)

Yes its a great book I think I should pull it off the shelf and read it again. Another you might like is the road less traveled by Scott Peck. This one actually saved my life at a point where I wanted to end it all. I need to buy another copy as I loaned mine out and never got it back

*writes down suggested books. will look for these...
Have you read "the Secret" and "the power" ? by Rhonda Byrne
Wonderful books!

Thank you for your positvity and insights * you affect my life in a positive way

Hey You! I'm glad you enjoyed reading and that I'm able to help somehow. yeih! :D

You have captured the basics to Universal Law.<br />
"Whatever I Believe and ask for I Receive."<br />
You have found how, The Law of "Deliberate Creation" and the" Law of Attraction" and the "Law of Allowing" works.<br />
<br />
Your deciding it WILL be another way then decided which way it will be and then expected it as if it is a done deal! That is how it works in a nut shell. Thanks for posting your explanation of "Universal Law" in your own words. I love seeing things work as it is meant to. All the books and tapes say much the same thing of sorts. You got it down to one sentence wrapped in a couple of paragraphs! Wonderful::::Enjoy!

Oh...It did not sound like an add. Thought you might like to know.

Thank you sir. I appreciate your feedback. Yeah I've read a lot of books and kinda put this information together so now I follow this. So I've adopted this way of thinking and try to practice and live by this way.

Life is way more fun when you do. You kind throw out all the garbage that way at the same time. Like it is on automatic. Kinda like Leave the Driving To Us, you enjoy the view and the trip!

A millions thanks and the same to you. Enjoy the trip :)

Oh....I do believe me! ;-)

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Great advertisement for LIFE !!