Really Attracting What I Want

Hey guys I've known about the LOA maybe a year ago, but I want to know if any of you guys have some tips to attract the things you want. What steps did you guys do? I want a nice car and a group of friends I can hang out with. & to be slimmer! Can you guys help me out please?
DeeTeen DeeTeen
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

I believe in LOA as well, and have started seeing powerful life changes. Before I learned about the powers within, I was so lost, depress, my fibromyalgia has taken over my entire body, I was angry, sad, every rainy day made me cry and sucked me more into that darkness I once was. I had lost 2 jobs due to massive layoffs, my marriage was a roller-coaster (Money problems made us both angry and super depressed). My small business was going nowhere! I lacked of sleep, you name it!... Once I starting practicing the Law Of Attraction I have seen amazing things unfold, and things that were right in front of me all the time! My physical pains from my fibromyalgia are gone, I now wake up with a smile every morning looking forward to a new day, a rainy day is as beautiful as a sunny day, I dream vivid beautiful dreams, everything around me is more colorful, people are starting to contact me about my small business, I am even winning prices in the lottery! ( I never considered myself a winner and never won a thing in my life) ...I am still a beginner, so I can't imagine the things that are about to come once I master it!...My advice? Take time to meditate, meditation is my cup of coffee every morning, and my sleeping pill at night. 10-15 minutes to meditate, reach for the Light within you, and absorb the light that the universe is sending you. And give THANKS to God for EVERYTHING you already have, and for what is coming to you. Thank God for the Powers you now realize you have, then ASK, ask and feel it as if you already have it! Look for guided meditations in YouTube. They had help me tremendously to reach the Goddess, the creator within me. And to understand more about the LOA. Surround yourself with things and people that make you happy. Create a barrier for negativity. Smile! Wish everyone Good Day (even if they are one of those angry/negative people, they don't know what you already know). Start your day repeating to your self uplifting words, as if you are were you want to be. Words hold stronger power than you might think.Words you say out loud and words you think, can influence your reality, especially if you focus on them.Get you vibration up! Radiate light! Focus in YOU and what YOU want! Understand one thing: You are creating for YOU, you cant create for another person, that person is the owner of their own reality (in other words we wish to get "this" or "that" for someone else). You can still help others along your way and once you achieve to be in the place you want to be. Everything will fall on its place once things start moving your way.