I Just Learned To Manifest Money

I have been studying the law of attraction for about 4 years and got some really great results. I have found it difficult though until latley with manifesting money.

I was given The Art of Attracting Wealth by Dean Marks a few months ago and it has transformed my life in terms of money.

The following things happened as I was using this book.

- I got a promotion within the first two weeks of reading it.
- I was given £2,345 as a part win from my husband. That is right! 2345.
- I recieved a tax rebate of £540, in september?
- My best friend have been very successful and paid for me to go on holiday in febuary.

Money is really coming into my life finally. Can you share and similar experiences because I am looking for wealth friends (people who are seeking to increase their wealth) to share stories with?

Thank you,

Joyce Moore.
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4 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Hi! You can join my Law Of Attraction mastermind group - iamluckynow.blogspot.com/p/law-of-attraction-mastermind-group.html <br />
It's a group chat, where we will discuss Law Of Attraction and our success storiesI am also looking for friends online, so feel free to contact meThanks

That is wonderful. Power of positive thinking!

Wow Joyce! Congrats! Your story is motivational!. I am learning more and more every day about the LOA. I have been a very positive person all my life, but had allow negativity to over power all the positivity in me. So I was on that stage where I see the price up close but was never able to touch it. Then entered The Law Of Attraction.

Now everything it is shaping up! I am seeing now things unfolding right in front of my eyes. My health is great! I am in peace with myself FINALLY and I feel JOY and Happiness!
But like you, hardest goals to manifest are wealth (and success)! I can see how doors are opening to move forward, so that is a start. I started a small business and I am meeting people who are helping me move forward, mentors, and people with resources to help my business succeed.
I am just starting, I can't imagine what is coming my way!

I think I am going to buy that book!