Less Than 1 Week And My Job Came!

Short story of a result of using the Law of Attraction... in less than 1 week...

"So I quit a job that I was no longer comfortable at (i.e.; hated it.) on a Thursday. It actually paid well, and i needed every penny.

But I had a choice... Either I could go into denial of not having a job or depression, get angry at the situation, or just accept and move on... or panic...

Well, that night I decided I was going to skip strait to the FEEL GOOD decision and- move on.

Up against the real possibility that if I didn't find a job soon i would have zero income and very quickly be a scary-broke position, here's what I did...

1) I chose my Desire. My desire was to manifest a good paying job that is easy, I actually enjoy and don't really have to even try hard to find. It will just sort of happen in a serendipitous way.

2) Think only about this desire all day every day as much as possible over everything else.

3) FEEL GOOD when thinking about this desire as if I already have attained it.

(This is the best process I have to offer anyone)

The results i got were nothing short of absolutely amazing! The first day(the next day, Friday)
I called in to 1(yes only 1) employer who I was familiar with. The position was closed. Still feeling great, I decided i was going to take a vacation over the weekend and only do things that make me feel good, consisting of exercise, walks outside and hikes, reading personal development, dream building, meditation and eating healthy and juicing. All the while, focusing on my 'chief aim' to attract a good job. What happened on day 2 blew-me-away...

Day 2 I got back from hiking an awesome trail to a rock ridge all alone and feeling amazing. Knowing a job my way is coming. At this point I feel like a million bucks and am building much confidence I will have my desire. Then, OUT OF THE BLUE, a friend I have not talked to in MONTHS calls me and tells me how he enrolled in school and a little about his business idea. We meet up at his spot that afternoon to catch up.(This is one of my few friends who know the Law) We catch up a little and I explain that "I am taking a vacation and watching the universe surprise me with how it will reveal a new job in the perfect way at the perfect time for me, so I'm just taking a vacation till it happens to me."(Note: You must just actually believe what your telling yourself in order for this to work for you)

He then tells me about his job and how I should contact his employer to see about getting hired on... I said "Hey whats the number I'll call now. If its right it'll just happen, otherwise the Universe will still make happen in some other way that I can't even imagine yet. In a casually confident way I called the number and

the call went something like this...
Girl "Hello this is so-and-so business."
Me "Hi I am calling to see if you have any work, I was referred by so-and-so and I am looking for some work that pays X-amount and is not too far away and is fairly easy to do."
Girl "Yes I have work, when are you available for an interview."
Me "Do you have anything for Monday?"
Girl "Yes, how's 10am work for you?"
Me "Works great. See you then."
and set up an interview for the following Monday.
In Conclusion. The job is short commute, easy, enjoyable and brainless. Oh and it pays well too... :)

Less than 1 week, and I got my desire... I got my job!"
ThisĀ  actualy happend with me, a nobody. I want you to have the information and TECHNIQUES that I learned to harness the Law of Attraction. If you want access to the free audio program that I used to learn the techniques to harness the Law of Attraction, the same audio program that even the highest trained experts in this feild are using to harness the Law of Attraction and manifest all of their desires - which you most likely will not find anywhere else - then don;t wait. Message me right now. You will be glad that you did. :)
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Awesome story..I love seeing results... :-)

This is a really FEEL GOOD story! :) I too am learning to practice LOA and am very fascinated by it.

Thanks EnergeticAscent! I can tell you that I mainly focus on FEELING GOOD NOW. And thats the bottom line! :)

Sounds like you have the trick down! I am working on training my mind that way as much as I can to bring in all the good things that I want.... :))

Yes! It blows me away to realize how I actually did not have full control over my thoughts until I learned this. I was neurologically programmed with negative thoughts reactions and belief's. Now, It sounds corny, but i am like a super human with powers. It's like i figured out the Key-to-life. It just works if you work it :)

How long did it take you to change your thoughts/reactions/beliefs and commit to it fully 100%?

Believe this... I used to be inspired by this stuff and have know about it for a while. I think I even had a feeling it exsisted as a kid before ever hearing about it or getting a title for it.. At any rate, I had a complete para-dime shift at the beggining of this year! (2013) I took a free cd set on the FACTS to this stuff and how to make it WORK. I have never been so lucky in my life. I am completely happy, and I am now working a high paying job, working on a business directly with someone from SUCCESS FROM HOME magazine, and every single aspect of my life is improving. Its almost spooky, but I was just an alhoholic less than a year ago. The one thing that changed it all was getting the facts and the techniques that work. And because of that, my belief went through the roof. Which is what makes it all work anyway right? Belief!

I have very similar story with a job like youve posted, maybe ill share it one day.
I have similar feeling about awareness of LOA when i was a child. I even remember that my older brother was teasing me because of my child belief...so i stopped...but it came back two years ago...and everythings changing on better in the same way as you describe - i feel like a suoer human...
Mostly because i was analizing this topic very hard....even to hard....that i have underdtood how it EXACTLY works, which distracts sometimes. But im coming backon the route.
Dont think to much! Just know that it works with a little amount of stupidity ;)
"Hapoiness in inteligent people is a rarest thing ive seen" m. twain

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very nice story. I believe in it too

Yes Mayalein! Very cool. By the way, I will be updating my profile soon. have you had any cool storys posted yet that I could read of yours? And thank you :)

Alright, I am an official member now lol. This is a very cool community of positive success-oriented people. Lovin' it!