I Want To Marry The Love Of My Life

I can taste the sweetness of the white frosting on our wedding cake. I can feel the bubbles of the champagne on my tongue from our blessed wedding toast. I can feel us announcing our vows, love, and committment to one another in front of God and all our loved ones under a gorgeous arch of white gardenias and ivy. I can feel his hand in my hand as we walk, Husband and Wife, down a flight of stairs to all our family who can feel from miles away our peace, love, and joy radiating from us like sparkling angelic magical. I am RADIANT with love and joy standing next to my handsome man proudly and lovingly who is equally as blessed and loving. My gown fits me just so and I feel as beautiful and as light as air, like a Princess, whose life is blessed in so many ways. We seal our bond with vows of love and devotion to one another's happiness for all the days of our lives and beyond. Our lives will be blessed with a growing family and our dream home filled with peace and love, the kind of home you walk into and feel instantly warm and welcomed. We will plant a garden together in the backyard with vegetables, fruit, and flowers, and watch it grow together, as our family grows and flourishes. The most amazing things will happen, our dreams will be lived out and our love and bond will enrich the lives of those around us forever more...
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I loved that!