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Was i always a positive up-beat person and nice to others? Well, yeah. For the most part. But, was i always confident, self assured, proud, happy, lucky, inspired, driven and determined? No, not really.

Not until I started practicing the techniques that allowed me to harness the Law of Attraction. And I began to immediately attract better relationships, money, better circumstances, situations, events and resources into my life that all work for me, not against me.

What is the Law of Attraction? Basically it say's that you create your life through the thoughts and feelings you focus on the most.(i.e. if you don't think you have any power over your current situation, your current situation will not change. If you do believe you are in control of your current situation then, like magic, it changes.)

I don't know where my journeys in life will ultimately take me. I cannot read the future. But I do know this. I have the inner-power, the key, the tools and the techniques to influence my future in my favor. And so do you.

I have also been so inspired by this knowledge and how it has worked for me so much that I have made it a personal goal to help as many other people, as i can, to understand that they too can have an impact on their own world and the world around them. And that whether they know it or not, they have an impact on the entire-world everyday, every minute, with every thought.

There are so many people in this world today that are wasting days of their life insecure, hopeless, scared, shy and discouraged. If they only had some self-belief, a little self-confidence, or a dose of inspiration, and be open to the idea, that; If you change the way you think, you change the way you talk(to others and to yourself), which influences the way you act and in turn, the way the Universal-pull-of-all-things acts. It begins to shift in your favor. Things in your life start to change dramatically. You begin to FEEL better. You start to believe in yourself a little more everyday. And then the magic begins...

Suddenly, by using these techniques, and changing the way you think and FEEL- things start happening TO you. But not in the way they used to. Now everything is working to your ultimate advantage, to your benefit, helping you achieve your every desire. Helping you to win. And like magic, your whole life changes.

You never have to live another day being, doing or having anything that you do not want. This is not a selfish act either. If your asking yourself, "Do I deserve this? Do I deserve to have that dream car? That dream home? That dream relationship?" Since most likely, based off of statistics, you have not been told this enough in your life-time. YES! YOU DESERVE IT! YOU DESERVE ALL OF IT! EVERY DETAIL! AND NO-ONE CAN TELL YOU ANY DIFFERENT! You were born on this earth to live with abundance (more than enough) in every aspect of life. Relationships, money, career, health, material items, etc... You can have it. You deserve it. And it can be yours. Immediately. Right Now. Today. You can begin to manifest your desires and you can do, be and have ANYTHING you want by using the :aw of Attraction!

Be Inspired :)

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Hey, id like the cd please!

We are here because we desired this life and everything we wish or desire will be provided to us good or bad doesn't matter that’s how the law of attraction works isn’t it? The driving force is “desire”. Our emotions create thoughts, thoughts will end up in desire and desire leads to action good or bad depends on individual. Then one must first master his or her desires. Desire takes place in our mind thus one must master his mind. The art of mastering mind is known as meditation and in meditation we learn to achieve complete silence over our thoughts. Mind without any thoughts is mind at peace that’s what we do in mediation. If mind is constantly bussing with thoughts and emotions then one cannot have peace and if one doesn't have peace he has nothing. Think about it!

A nice "cliff notes" version of the Laws of Attraction is the pocket book, "The Secret". Then there's Norman Vincent Peales, "The Power of Positive Thinking" even the "Art of War" is a great read to increase ones own understanding of ones own actions and consequences. Consequences are not always a bad thing.

Nice post :)

Thx! Napolian Hill??

I had to google that one, lol. But yeah, that would be another great add to the library. I laugh remembering a "financial" story that Napolian Hill (and you too) would appreciate. Here's the short version;

When I married my husband, Mick, I was 44, with an established career, house, etc... I felt pretty good about what I brought to the marriage, but in no way was I materially wealthy by Forbes standards!

Mick & I agreed that we'd move my Roth, IRA accounts over to his financial adviser, Dan, who Mick had been with for yrs. 2-3 months go by when Dan, (financial guy) calls me up "to get to know me and my financial strategies, styles and of course if he has "the entire package".

He starts with, "Cindy, do you have any other Roths or 401k's?" and I was sort of shaking my head side to side not really understanding when it dawned on me he was insinuating it was a pretty paltry So he repeats, "No other 401ks, right?" I couldn't keep from laughing right out loud and just said.......
"Nope, Dan, no other 401k's. My retirement plan is an ......M.....I......C.......K!

Laughter erupted. :)

Haha. Classic!

Hmm... I like this thinking. Now... where to start? Is there a power point or some sort of worksheet we get?

There is a cd set I used to change my life, I can hook you up for free

Ooh, me ;)

Law of attraction FTW!! :)


Have u been tested for NPD? Narsissitic Personality Disorder? lol.

Very passionate and love to inspire! Funny question. What are your thoughts on LOA?

thank u

Your welcome :)

ur words mad me decide a lot of good things in my life

You know how awesome this is to see? Positive thoughts your-way. I'm sure it's nothing knew to you but I know I benefit from a little confirmation from time to time!

I would love to hear about your journey anytime.

I have started applying law of attraction and see i land up to such a inspiring post:)....great post and lets build the chain of positivity :)

Lets! Surrounding ourselves with positive, empowering, success-oriented people is vital in achievement or our desires. Good to have you Anya1212!

I totally life is wonderful because I make it that way and the people I surround myself with do not bring me down but move in the same positive vibe.

I heard this quote somewhere, "Your environment trumps your willpower." It is a virtual necessity to surround yourself with positive positive uplifting people who are pulling for you and giving you praise for your accomplishments.

That is not often what happens, I tend to fix a lot of my friends problems. I am very positive and like to be the uplifting person and not the drain.
My friends do not often praise me but have a real understanding of how their life can be. I choose to make my life wonderful but with that comes hard work. Makes the accomplishment so much better to have earnt it.