Law Of Attraction - Change Your Physiology

We are always looking for more ways to feel good. The number one rule to making the law of attraction work for you is to feel-good-now. That is the "Key". One great way to change it, if you are not feeling-good-right-now, is to change your physiology. When you change your physiology your complete vibration and state-of-being is shifted.

Lets try it, shall we?. Are you sitting? How do you feel? Now, try slouching, do not smile, and look down at the floor... Do this for just 10 seconds...
How do you feel?

Okay. Now, sit up strait and look-up at the sky. Do this for 10 seconds as well...
How do you feel? Better? Of course you do! Here's why...

Its been shown in study's that when we sit with weak posture and look at the floor we tent to reflect on the past and think more negatively. When we sit up strong and look to the sky we tend to have a more positive outlook and overall vibration. The simple act of changing your physiology effects how you feel on an emotional level and changes your vibration dramatically. Remember this the next time you are feeling 'down'.

Good luck :)
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3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

So true!

Lol, sat up while reading this!

many thanks 4 ur support=),, really useful..and right on time for me