Fast Response

I've been aware of the Law of Attraction for quite long time already. Today I stumbled upon a video in Youtube that combined Law of Attraction with EFT-tapping. That particular video was all about creating abundance in your life. Well, I decided to tap along, although I felt a bit stupid. 

Just about 30 minutes after I finished the tapping, my boss called me and said he's giving me a bonus for the job well done. I was totally flabbergasted, that video surely did it's job and faster than anything else I've tried before!

Fennella Fennella
31-35, F
5 Responses Dec 30, 2008

Power of attraction is so powerful! Glad to hear this is working in your life too.

Yeah, you're absolutely right. I did however find extra 10 minutes for tapping even today. It's all about prioritizing! :)

Yeah, it surely works no matter how silly it feels. I just got another job-task and I haven't even got time to do tapping today! :)

Ops, I meant to include the link but totally forgot it! :) Here it comes:

Well, now you just have to share that link with me! I have to start tapping again ... I need a few good things to come my way again